Tag: reputation management

Tag: reputation management

How to Make Professional Friends

  “Godfather, be my friend,” a man pleads as he kisses Don Vito’s hand.  The former was really asking of a favor.  The Godfather knew.  It’s VERY LIKELY those on your ‘let’s be pals’ radar know your immediate intentions too.  It’s okay; be aware of their awareness and proceed…naturally. I’ve been pretty successful in making […]

Study Reveals Customers Trust Online Reviews

The internet has not only become a tool for people to conveniently search for products or services online, but a dominant source to learn about businesses. With the various online review sites available, customers can read reviews about businesses as well as provide their own review. And ‘word on the internet’ spreads like wildfire. But, […]

Get Consumers, Workers, and Executives on the Same Branding Page

  Have you ever chatted with someone who presents a story to you that sounds familiar, except for some minor-to-major details, which have been shifted, embellished, and distorted?  It’s common in the world of gossip and akin to playing the game, whisper down the lane. I used to teach in high school, where cliques wax […]

More Social Engagement Grows a Branding Garden

  The world of one-sided marketing has faded.  It’s more about…engagement (the magical buzzword).  Marketing has become more dynamic and personable.  It may take a little while for us to fully wrap our heads around what social media did and continues to do to marketing. Once there was a time when dissatisfied customers only had […]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

  What kind of twitter personality do you leverage?  Are you extraverted or an introverted handler?  I tweet as a live; I’m a bona fide introvert.  I’m a quiet man in most off and online settings; but, just because this isn’t constantly running (points to mouth), doesn’t mean this isn’t (points to head). I started […]

Branding Considerations at the SEO Point Break

  Search engine optimization and online marketing is about increasing exposure, right?  Wrong.  I think that’s only a part of the ‘movie’; it’s a part of the buildup.  The real ‘piece de resistance’ is what comes after your brand has paddled out into the ocean of online marketing. Don’t just look my way; I’m just […]

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