With football season now in full swing, everyone is wearing their favorite team jersey, talking up their team’s success, and undoubtedly expecting big wins and accomplishments for their team. What makes this American sport a favorite among many is that there is always something brewing. From drafts and trades, to injuries and outstanding plays and performances, football season certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Even fantasy football has become an increasingly popular pastime – and football fans are serious about their team picks. So, what do football and SEO have in common?

If you work in SEO, your main goal is to make it to the top. Well, the same can be said about football. But, they have more in common than just winning. It’s also about perfecting a winning strategy.

Have a strategy

To win anything, you need a game plan. Like designing a play in order to score a touchdown, you need to put together a strategy to help your website make its way to the top. Do you have the right set of tactics for your marketing efforts? Are you able to measure, track and adjust your tactics?

Know your competitor

This is one of the most important points in your game plan. Just like knowing the current standing of an opposing football team, where does your competitor stand in the SERPs? What is your ranking in comparison to theirs? If they are higher than you in the Google standings, what actions are you going to take to move above them? How do they promote a similar product or service, and how can you promote yours better?

Work as a team

Just like a coach needs his team to execute a play, you need a team of online marketers to work together to help you reach your goal. From developers to link builders, content writers and social media marketers, it’s important that you are all aware of the strategy for a successful play.

Be willing to improve

No one ever made it anywhere by sticking to the same routine. If a game plan has failed, why continue to run the same plays? The same theory can be applied to SEO campaigns. If you want to make it to the top of the SERPs, you can’t always stick to the same strategy – you need to discover and find new and better ways to get to the top.

Play by the rules

While football players have referees and whistles, marketers have Google algorithms. You have guidelines to play by to ensure that you play fair. It’s crucial that you play by Google’s rules and make it to the top without performing black hat techniques. A skilled and experienced SEO company will go about winning the right way.

Get noticed

In football and SEO, you don’t want to just win, you want to get noticed. Press releases, articles, blogs and social media are all intricate parts of putting your business in the spotlight. When an SEO campaign works properly, you’ll feel the need to celebrate like a receiver who just snagged a touchdown for the victory.

As we welcome 2013, many are not just making resolutions to lose excess weight; they are also contemplating how to reduce excess spending.  As a business owner, cutting costs without cutting the ‘necessities’ while still leaving room in the budget for ways to increase revenue can be a real challenge.  Subsequently, it is no surprise that over 90% of businesses utilize some type of Internet presence, either through localized optimization or social media; to gain leads, increase their customer base or simply just get their name out there.

“It takes a lot of money to make money.”

SEO = ROIYes and no.  Yes, it does take money and no, it doesn’t have to take A LOT of money.  Knowing exactly what you want from your Internet marketing and knowing how you want it to work for you is vital to choosing how you would like to spend your marketing budget.  Companies that have around 1,000+ employees typically hire between 18-24 people, each with a specific skill set in one of the following:

  • Content Writing
  • Web Development/Design
  • Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Management

Let’s just say that your small business would like to have one of each of these people in your marketing department.  To give you an idea of how much it would cost to have all of these people work for you; if you are in or near a major metropolitan city, the average yearly salary for a Social Media Manager is approximately $73,000 – 116,000 per year.  When you add web design and development, paid search and a content writer to the mix, expect to add around $475,000 or more to your payroll.  That also does not include additional computers, software, and continued training your staff will need to stay ahead of the game.

“It will be cheaper if I do it myself, than to hire a SEO firm.”

Will you also perform your own surgery as well?  Definitely not, that’s why we pay surgeons.  With all of the videos, blogs, white papers and knowledge out there on the web, it just seems easier to take your business’ marketing into your own hands.  You already know your brand; you already know how to use Google, Twitter and Facebook, as well as write a blog post.  As true as this may be for many business owners, you will need to ask yourself, “Do I have the time? Do I really know what I’m doing?”

Sure a tweet there and a blog here will not take that much time to do; but when your competition is knocking out 3 tweets a day, a blog post daily and shared a link on their Facebook to a newly posted YouTube video, you merely just started a race that the competition just finished.

The average cost of a month of an effective SEO strategy that includes social media options is anywhere between $2,200 and $5,000 per month; the cost of having just one salaried employee.  An easier number to swallow compared to the $475,000+ payroll addition per year for 6 employees.  Many SEO firms today have gained a credibility that many traditional marketing firms can’t even match.  A majority of SEO firms can provide Social Media, Paid Search and Web Design all under one roof which is especially important when executing your brand across the Web.  Having everyone working together, maintaining consistency and communication across all channels is what makes a campaign successful. The power and efforts of a dedicated team for the cost of one may be one employee will help to take your business further without going into debt is likely to be one of your brand’s best business decisions in the new year.