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A Biggie Can’t Be Small

  Remember the movie, Hoosiers?  Remember the movie, Rocky?  Remember the movie, The Revenge of the Nerds?  Remember Napoleon Dynamite?  Well, perhaps you’re seeing the pattern here.  People are emotionally tied to the underdog, the small-time outfit, those who show character in the face of bigger competitors.  We often embrace the smaller entities.  Why?  Maybe […]

Business People, It’s Time to Exercise Your Online Verticals

  Business people, I see you out there, checking your personal emails, looking at your sister-in-law’s vacation pictures on Facebook, and trying to figure out Instagram for your Android.  Basically, you have some time, spare time.  No, I don’t want to hear the excuses, as if I was your personal trainer. But I am going […]

Does SEO Supply Words for (Your) Demand?

  I grew up in the Northeast, where a request for a “hoagie” elicits a number of sandwich choices.  If you make a similar request in parts of the American-west hemisphere, people stop for a moment, allowing their brains to pump fists for a few seconds, then ultimately admitting they have no idea what that […]

Beware the Lies of Search

  It’s March 15, the “ides of March.”  If I was back instructing writing/English students, I’d prepare something centered upon Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar.  “Beware the ides [middle] of March” is a popular quote from the play.  Now, I address a range of online marketing topics, promoting early learning of the industry. As a teacher, it […]

WebiMax Announces Launch of SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Prrogram

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — (Jan. 23, 2012) – Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced that the company has launched an enhanced strategic SEO Reseller partnership program, heavily focused on the white label resale of its award winning services.  The program is designed to help the partner grow and generate more residual revenue […]

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