Tag: search engine optimization

Tag: search engine optimization

Branding With Google, Guidelines For Business Marketers

Branding is sometimes hard to separate from advertising and marketing. Although it is all under the same umbrella of external communications, some differentiation can and should be made between them so you can strategically put them to work for your business. Branding deals most closely with the image of a company and how it is […]

WebiMax News Announcement- WebiMax Launches

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ– (MAY 7, 2012)– Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, a leading search engine optimization firm, announced today that the company launched, a Google search engine update resource center. Google launched a major update to their search engine algorithm, titled the Penguin update on April 24th.  The Penguin update targets websites […]

Consultants Keep a Pulse on Online Marketing

  How much time do you have today to think about online marketing strategies?  I think about it all day.  It’s my passion and career.  I’ll assume there are a lot of similar souls out there who are passionate about engaging their respective fields.  I bet it warrants a lot of attention.  My daily duties […]

WebiMax SEOunday Roundup – Week of 4-23

  May is just around the corner as we begin catapulting further into warmer weather systems.  Things have been cooking at the WebiMax brand.  We’re all excited by the momentum and successes ahead.  A lot of helpful content has been coming out of the SEOservices and WebiMax websites.  Did you get a chance to read […]

When Was the Last Date You Were Up on Customers?

Google has been making many updates.  Have you heard?  Don’t worry; the search engine optimization world closely tracks the search giant’s moves.  We must.  There’s too much invested in the process.  Our consumers depend on us to do a good job for them.  Your consumers depend on you too. One of my jobs as an […]

4 Ways Analytics Can Evaluate Your Sales Strategy

Tons of resources are regularly devoted toward evaluating the strength of business sales strategies.  Evaluation and implementation play integral roles in the strength of the strategy and there are methods businesses can use to refine their message.  Analytics potentially provide the most effective evaluation and illustrate measures that other tools simply cannot.  Below are 4 […]

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