Tag: SEO consulting

Tag: SEO consulting

How Businesses Can Avoid SEO Consultant Remorse

I speak with many business owners regarding their web sites, business objectives and challenges and routinely provide them solutions along the line of what an agency can do for them (or even what they can do for themselves).  These discussions are well received and provide a road map for work to be done.  A common theme I […]

One Size Does Not Fit All Online – Get a Marketing Tailor

I found myself traveling this week.  Wanting to maintain appearances for my dear mother, I strolled into a local, haircut chain establishment.  Coincidentally, my “stylist” was the owner, a man who bought into the franchise.  As one must divulge personal matters to hair stylists, I mentioned my interest in all things online marketing and inquired […]

Let a Search Engine Optimization Company Handle New Google Analytics

A search engine optimization company representative will report Google does a good job playing both sides.  On one hand, search engines are for the public, providing a wealth of information.  Engines facilitate the sentiment by modifying algorithms (read about Panda updates) with an end goal of increasing user experience and convenience.  Google remains the preferred […]

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