How do you know if you’re getting the scoop on Snoop or some impostor?  Facebook’s name-verification facelift. If you didn’t get notified, you need to raise your level of clout…

Badgeville also made changes, integrating information from Klout, giving brands the ability to interpret if social ‘studs’ or ‘duds’ are taking part in ‘gamification.’

Are tweets allowed in all countries?  That’s a good question explored in Ryan Buddington’s post on Twitter and international censorship.

Do you plan on taking a trip this spring?  If you’re using Kayak to book a hotel, you’ll be pleased to know Durba Chatterjee blogged about how Kayak has integrated TripAdvisor ratings, helping the former’s users make better decisions based on the experiences of others.


Around the Web

Ken Wisnefski and Danny Sullivan were featured in a Fox News article on political Google bombs.

Rand Fishkin discusses and provides suggestions in regard to forming a Web marketing team.

Todd Bailey comments on social media remembering Whitney Houston.

Greg Sterling reflects Valentine’s search and mobile stats.

Matt McGee on January, online usage stats.

Liz Borod Wright on social media tips for bloggers.

Neil Patel on getting attention through social sharing.

Happy weekend, search fans!  You have some time this weekend.  Catch-up on your online marketing/search engine optimization reading.  I’ve read, synopsized, and delivered links to informative tidbits from around the world of search.  Take a gander at what I’ve gathered:


The Facebook brand is not shy about showing its face in the media.  WebiMax CEO, Ken Wisnefski, made contributions to this MSNmoney article on Facebook’s IPO.  Additionally, it’s always enlightening to know a little about the man behind the business machine; get friendly with Mark Zuckerberg‘s managerial style through Todd Bailey’s post.  Lastly, what are Facebook’s plans for mobile advertising?  The mobile industry is expected to dial-in big numbers this year.  Read about Facebook’s mobile advertising participation through John Borkowski’s post.


General Search

WebiMax VP, Todd Bailey, did a guest post on search engine optimization, explaining how to get toward the top of the SERPs for preplanned terms and phrases, taking from his Dx3 Canada presentation.

See the latest Comscore results, showing Bing outscoring Yahoo from Search Engine Land.  Also from SEL, this post on Google traffic; Google still gets traffic from a number of verticals.


Technical SEO

Do you want to address integral, SEO technical issues in an hour?  Read this SEOmoz post by Dave Sottimano.  Before you address problems, maybe you need to develop a technical SEO process; read this post from another Mozzer, Stephanie Chang.


S(eo)aturday Drivethru…

Here are some quick links to read while you’re on the go…

Joanna Lord on inbound marketing

Lisa Barone on 12 respected ladies in search

Jon Cooper on natural link building

Anthony Pensabene on brand awareness

Happy Friday!  It’s time to put in a day of work and then dine on the fruits of our labor.  Everybody’s working for the weekend, right?  Pull some cash out of your account and take a ride on the weekend’s ferris wheel.  If you bank with Citibank, you may have recently gotten confused by the numbers.  Sometimes that happens – getting confused about numbers that is, not how much cash is in your account; the latter is a scary thought.

Is that why Facebook is hesitant about mobile applications, because all of the ‘bugs’ aren’t exterminated from systems? The New York Times ran a story, featuring Citigroup’s mobile application mishap.   Citi mistakenly overcharged iPad-leveraging customers (and others?); Citi has traced the error to a young, iPad application.  Other mobile applications as well as the bank’s central systems were not influenced and remain secure the brand advises.

As we know, numbers can get confusing; we may be bewildered by Facebook’s number of active users; we may also be confused by how many of Citi customers were actually affected.  As the Times article relays, Citi declined to release the actual number of customers influenced by the error.  Additionally, some consumers, not using an iPad device, were overcharged.

Citi spokesmen voice doing all within the bank’s efforts to address the matter (that is now fixed) and reimburse all overcharged and inconvenienced consumers, consumers who are quickly getting familiar with mobile devices as these global mobile statistics reflect.

Are banks trying to keep up with the quick-footed digital times, while security and efficiency lags behind?  The Times did another story on mobile device hacking a few weeks ago; it seems hackers can get in your phone just as easily as your laptop and desktop computers.  Citi is familiar with such scenarios as well, addressing matters last summer due to a breach in its systems, where thousands of North American credit-card customers’ info was ‘hacked.’

Perhaps Citi did not disclose an exact number of consumers (using mobile devices and beyond) affected because it’s hard to figure an exact number.  David Albertazzi advises financial institutions on tech and regulatory issues.  He states, “It’s very challenging to really pinpoint the number of customers affected.  It’s the nature of the beast.”

That does not seem very reassuring; maybe with the Facebook IPO so brand new, the social media brand does not want to breach the mobile application topic just yet; Facebook is one of the most popular social sites; the brand is savvy to the power of mass information and the ease at which customers can voice dissatisfaction with brand-related services and products.  As one online commenter relayed, the application is “very unreliable.”  Whether that remains to be true on a mass scale is yet to be seen, however in such ‘social’ times, brands can’t afford to displease even a minutia of the masses.

Search Engine Optimization Updates in 2011I recently posted a “SEO 2011 Year in Review” article on Search Engine Journal, which sited many of the exciting algorithmn updates this past year as well as other items supporting the proclomation of Mobile and Social being key SEO performance mediums this year.

This becomes ever increasingly verified with the latest 10 algorithm updates direct from Googles official blog.  So whats important for search moving forward?  Direct from Google:

  • Rich Snippets – especially e-tailers pushing product data – this has been a huge help on BING and now we are told increasing support for Google)
  • Freshness – Serving up the latest content to meet user queries is adjusted to support short span News sites vs. long life span niche articles and e-com sites
  • Refinement of “official” page detection – This is a clear movement toward what we have been hinting at all year; the ever increasing “brand” rank.  Watch for Brand Optimization in 2012

Google Plus Pages 2011So, mobile, local and social will continue to drive forward into next year.  Googles entry into Business Pages for Google+ (see WebiMax Google Page) is rather limited and soft as a launch.  At the time of this article we have seen two additional updates to Google+ Pages features and different interpretations of Google+ badges, buttons, circles and support.

Checkout/Wallet will really make some heavy movement this upcoming year along with search-less search.  With all of these movements we are consistently seeing possitive movement on organic SEO efforts with foundational efforts (On-Site tech, Off-Site links/content and social engagement), so continue with your digital strategies but look to introduce schema.org and HTML5 support – now is that time.