May is just around the corner as we begin catapulting further into warmer weather systems.  Things have been cooking at the WebiMax brand.  We’re all excited by the momentum and successes ahead.  A lot of helpful content has been coming out of the SEOservices and WebiMax websites.  Did you get a chance to read all of it?

Be sure to notice some of the highlights from last week below:

Execs around the Web

CEO, Ken Wisnefski offered his insights to major publications recently.  He discussed the upcoming Facebook IPO at Kiplinger and Google Drive at Market Watch.

Todd Bailey has written some posts for Search Engine Journal, a popular SEO blog.  SEJ posted The Game of Business this week; but, don’t forget to revisit older marketing articles from him on the platform.

Additionally, WebiMax was recognized as one of 2012′s Fastest Growing Companies as well as launched a London Internet Marketing initiative.

Jason Wersits

Jason writes on a variety of SEO and online marketing topics.  Last week, Jason addressed SMB blogging,  how to select keywords, the Penguin update, and more.

Get to know Jason and his writing better by frequently visiting the WebiMax and SEOservices platforms.

Ryan Buddenhagen

Ryan enjoys giving business owners insight on international search engine optimization as well as tackles a variety of business topics involving online marketing.  Last week, Ryan wrote about the ethics of tech firms, local search, social engagement, and others.

Ryan tweets and writes regularly during the week.  Don’t miss his new posts; or, risk losing out on ISEO insights.

Jillian Johnson

Jillian has been a writer with WebiMax for some time and recently joined the internal marketing team.  We are lucky to have her.  Jillian has a penchant for social media understanding; but, writes on a variety of SEO topics.  Last week, Jillian addressed using social media for real estate, social media and healthcare, online review trust, and more.

Jillian is busily at work on the WebiMax and SEOservices platforms during the week.  Check in regularly to get her help.

Anthony Pensabene

Anthony enjoys writing on a number of business strategies including branding and reputation management.  Last week, Anthony wrote on professional networking, boring branding, and self social media usage.  Anthony writes regularly and passionately; be sure to check him out.

Last Thursday, the Mt. Laurel, NJ office hosted its ‘Bring Your Daughter/Son to Work Day.’  Many aspiring SEO and online marketing professionals were in attendance and glad to spend time with family and friends.


Good morning, Seounday readers.  Search engine optimization practitioners have left eggs of information around the WebiMax properties.  Let’s uncover some of them to inspire better online marketing strategies. was established as a place for readers to come and get better familiarized with a range of SEO strategies and individual implementations, such as social media, PPC management, content integration, and so on.  We invite readers to peruse content featuring articles, videos and regularly-scheduled authors.

Bruce Rymshaw pens SEO 101 articles.  This week, Bruce conveyed the following insights:

The Expansion of Search

Time is Money

Jason Wersits also writes from on an array of search topics, including social media and Google implementations.  Here are a couple of Jason’s posts from last week:

Facebook Engineers Working on Revised Search Functionality

Don’t Panic: SEO Firms Need to Pull Together to Secure Future

Ryan Buddenhagen writes about search engine optimization from a worldly perspective, labeled ISEO.  Did you miss these?

UK Illustrates Purposeful Use of Social Media, Catering to Contexts

Customer Engagement Considering the Individualistic – Collectivistic Cultural Split

Todd Bailey is our VP of Digital Strategy and recent award recipient for his excellence.  Todd wrote the following posts last week:

Web Engineers Aren’t Fooling About Hacker Preparation

Blue Chipping Away at a Marketing Future

Anthony Pensabene writes from the WebiMax and SEOservices properties.  Here are a couple bits from his blogging last week:

Business People, It’s Time to Exercise Your Online Verticals

The (Wo)Man Makes the Startup Brand?

WebiMax also features the writing talents of Durba Chatterjee and Jillian Johnson.  Durba wrote the following last week:

Diversifying Content on Different Social Media Outlets Is Key to Good Marketing

Jillian just joined the internal marketing squad; so, look forward to reading online marketing insights from her in the very near future!

Did you read the following search engine optimization-related articles from around the Web last week?

Sub-Group Brand Politics

Don’t Let Your Employees Become Dinosaurs

Ken Wisnefski Announces Major Search Evolutions


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I’m sneaking Seounday on you late this week.  I hope everyone is enjoying the new season.  I’ve noticed a few springy tweeting taking place last week.  Our internal marketing squad had its weekly meeting outdoors.

Todd Bailey, VP of Digital Strategies, leads our internal meetings.  Did you read Todd’s post on 10 SEO tips for SMB owners?  Todd writes both on and offsite for WebiMax.  You can catch his at our SEO blog or over at our sister site, SEO services.

Our CEO, Ken Wisnefski, also writes on behalf of WebiMax on a number of other platforms, including The Price of Business site.  You can also read, hear, and see more of Ken from his online marketing media page.

I’m lucky to have great team members across the board.  We feature team members who go above and beyond  in the WebiMax newsletter.  This week, Jeremy Niedt, project manager extraordinaire, received the award.  These are words, by Ken Wisnefski, taken from the newsletter:

For those of you that don’t know Jeremy, he is a project manager here at WebiMax and someone that I feel deserves this recognition. Jeremy has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times to ensure that clients were really taken care of. He spends time outside of work learning more about SEO by attending seminars and has inherited a lot of accounts from our UK office that needed some extra help and he has done a tremendous job on them. A moment that stands out to me with Jeremy is when a client had said that we had “failed them” and Jeremy was truly upset and took the fact that the client was not satisfied personally. That sort of care and interest in always doing right by our clients is something that should be commended as well as his continued dedication to excellence. Jeremy, congrats and keep up the great work!

Nice job, Jeremy; keep it up!  Do you know who else keeps things going well?  Our WebiMax bloggers!  Have you gotten a chance to read some of the following posts?

Durba Chatterjee

Facebook is New Advertising Platform That Requires New Advertising Strategies

Researchers Identify Ways to Improve Credibility of Tweets

Ryan Buddenhagen

Mobile Device Adoption and App Use, Global Indicators for Marketers – Part 2

New Top-Level Domains Roll Out in January, SEO & Branding Impacted

Chris Countey

SEO in the Philadelphia Area Keeps Getting Bigger

SEO: same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Bruce Rymshaw

SEO 101: The Top Five Innovations in Social Media History

SEO 101: Smooth Sailing
Jason Wersits

Google Considers Patent for Call Monitoring-Based Advertisements

Firefox makes the Switch to Google SSL, Further Edited URLs

Readers, you know me, Anthony Pensabene, right?


SEO information from around the Webiverse:

Ha! (#SEO students) Made Ya Look!

Information is Free.  Knowledge is Not.

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Startup

It’s a Lot Easier to Make Something You Believe In

Do You Feel Like a Fraud

Why Joe Hall Didn’t Blog

Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy?

Content Marketing Webinar

Get Inside Their Heads – A Strategic Framework for Super-Effective SEO

How to Connect with These Six Influential Bloggers


Happy  Seounday!  I don’t even parenthesize the “eo” anymore.  I’m pretty sure Webster’s is admitting it in the next iteration (Did you hear about Brittanica?).  It was a good week for SEO firms, readers, and online marketing clients.  A lot of good information was produced from within the industry.  Let’s get started.

Let’s add a little mood music; here’s some Johann Bach for your pleasure.

Our PR Manager, John Borkowski, often keeps contact with local and national reporters, offering WebiMax insight. Take a look at our press page.  CEO, Ken Wisnefski, and other executives often add to popular stories and topics.  Here are two from this past week:

Tech News World


Are you in the market for SEO services and a range of online marketing solutions?  Contact WebiMax to get started.  There’s no initial obligation, just help.

ISEO – Do you know Ryan Buddenhagen?  He provides awesome clarification on international business strategies via our Casual Friday video with Todd Bailey.  He also writes about ISEO on a regular basis from the WebiMax SEO blog.

Chris Countey wrote another great post for us this week, regarding the definition and interrelationships (SE, SEO provider, client) of modern-day search.

Other Webi/SEOservices bloggers to read:

Jason Wersits gravitates toward social media, keeping his finger on the ever-so-often changes to the SMO landscape.

Bruce Rymshaw pens his SEO 101 posts regularly, giving new clients and interested parties tidbits of search engine optimization information in an easy-to-understand fashion.

I noticed Durba Chatterjee back in action this week writing about Pinterest, Facebook, and more.


Verse from across the SEO universe:

What Link Building Might Look Like in 2014

Friday Humor #Geek T-shirts for Everyone

No Such Thing as a Good Scraper

How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs

The Value in Wowing Your Customers

WSJ Says Big Google Search Changes Coming? Reality Check Time

The Five Most Powerful Words in Sales

The Reputation Elephant in the Room

Forecasts for Ad Spending Become Rosier

What The Bachelor Can Teach You About Hooking an Audience

The Brand of SEO and the Trend of Inbound Marketing

A Code of Conduct for Content Aggregators


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