Tag: SMB

Tag: SMB

Building Trust and Brand Recognition for your Company

Companies that conduct the majority of their business on the internet are always fighting an uphill battle to gain loyal fans and regular website visitors. With many industries experiencing an overcrowded marketplace and unprecedented levels of brand saturation, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are trying to gain that most desired of customer values: trust. […]

There’s Always Time for Important Business

  What are you doing reading this on a Saturday?  Isn’t it the weekend?  Shouldn’t you better balance your working life?  Haven’t you read blog posts and books, which champion the condensed work week and not working harder but smarter? I read a great post earlier today on entrepreneur walls and breakthroughs.   It’s very personable […]

Would Bo Know SEO?

Remember Bo Jackson?  I sure do; I ripped through his Bo Knows biography with the fervor of a twelve-year-old kid, mesmerized by a titan of a multi-dimensional athlete.  Along with popular trends of the day, such as French-rolled jeans and Umbro shorts, I was into the ‘Bo knows’ commercials and campaign.  It was creative and […]

Entrepreneur Ken Wisnefski Announces Innovation Can Lead to Profitable SMB Growth

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, Entrepreneur and founder / CEO of WebiMax, the leader in search engine optimization, announced “2012 can be a rebound year for SMBs if business owners commit to innovating and focusing on client-retention.”  Wisnefski furthers “most business owners are reluctant to move forward due to pressing economic concerns including the financial markets, credit […]

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