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Tag: SMO

Would Bo Know SEO?

Remember Bo Jackson?  I sure do; I ripped through his Bo Knows biography with the fervor of a twelve-year-old kid, mesmerized by a titan of a multi-dimensional athlete.  Along with popular trends of the day, such as French-rolled jeans and Umbro shorts, I was into the ‘Bo knows’ commercials and campaign.  It was creative and […]

Showcase Your Brand’s Sweet Offerings on Google+

Should my brand be using Google+?  That is a question posed to many SEO and online marketing professionals by business owners who are novices to online practices.  Coincidentally, I read a post this morning, calling social’s benefit to business into question.  Google’s social media platform is still very young; the passing of time will help […]

Ring, Ring – It’s Your Future Mobile Web Site Calling

Search engine optimization and overall online marketing creates exposure for your brand.  As online opportunities increase, savvy brands make appropriate decisions and implementations.  For instance, if this was five to ten years ago, I would be unwaveringly blogging, beseeching EVERY business owner to develop a Web site.  That sentiment is old news; (I hope your […]

Is Your Local Store Married to the Mob?

No, I’m not suggesting spending your local store’s dollars in exchange for “protection,” but urging local owners to facilitate more inspection by local consumers.  The dynamic of a local owner is interesting.  On one hand, the disadvantage of a limited budget and larger competition is apparent.  However, local owners have the ability to secure lasting […]

Public Demand Influences the Brand

I read an article yesterday in the NY Times discussing YouTube’s new design and the wave of reactions, mostly negative, on the Web.  Relevant to the times and various “occupy” movements established throughout the country, people, specifically online consumers, are finding power in numbers, in some cases, making an influence, getting “heard.”  Actually, I believe […]

Should Local Small Business Give Social Media the Cold Shoulder?

Should your local business rely on search engine optimization or engage in social media optimization?  Both are strong, online marketing initiatives, but data released by the Pew Internet & American Life Foundation show this may influence some local businesses to deemphasize SMO.  It seems consumers, interviewed by land and cell phone lines, reported levering social […]

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