As an Internet marketing agency, social media is the heart of many of our clients’ campaigns. Here are three ways we are spreading the love by successfully incorporating Valentine’s Day into our social media marketing campaigns.

  1. 1. Create custom images. Payoff: increased engagement

Because users are drawn to visual content on social media sites, it’s important to create images that capture readers’ attention. Otherwise, they will scroll right through their Facebook News Feeds or Pinterest categories without even noticing the messages. As part of our social media campaigns, we create custom images for clients that are reflective of their brand and that relate to holidays, pop culture, major sporting events, and current events. Here’s an image we created for one of our clients, the State of NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety, that we’ll use on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram this Friday. Notice the logo in the bottom right corner – a best practice is to make sure the images are branded for maximum exposure.

drive sober valentine


  1. 2. Run a contest. Payoff: boost brand awareness

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a social media contest for Valentine’s Day. One of our clients, was a perfect fit because they sell new and pre-owned diamonds and jewelry. Facebook users are being asked to upload photos of their engagement rings, in honor of the upcoming holiday, and person with the most votes will win. By creating a custom hashtag and posting custom branded images to their social channels, the contest has already received over 250 entries and the Facebook page has received over 1,000 new “Likes.” The winner will be announced on, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.

Show Me the Ring Contest


  1. 3. Write blog posts and promote them with paid ads. Payoff: website referral traffic

If you read our latest press release, you know we are focusing on organic and referral traffic as indicators of a successful SEO campaign over ranking reports. So, what’s one way to get referral traffic numbers up? One tactic is to write engaging blog posts and promote them through social media. For one of our clients, Berlitz, we are writing a blog post about how to say “I Love You” in different languages. We created a custom image to visually represent the blog post and we will be promoting it along with the corresponding link through their social channels on February 14th. We also plan on “boosting” the image on Facebook for maximum results.

love different languages

What are some of your marketing ideas for leveraging social media this Valentine’s Day?

Image of Ollie the dog

My dog Ollie is a great companion and through him I’ve learned a lot about the virtue of unconditional love. Recently I realized that the lessons he’s taught me about life can also be applied to work. Here are three social media marketing tips we can all learn from Ollie:

Don’t beg!

Ollie has learned that if he really wants to get what he wants, he won’t whine or jump for it. The quickest way to earn that extra treat is through persistence and patience. The same lesson applies to a successful social media marketing campaign – some companies use Facebook or Twitter to beg for business but that’s the wrong approach. Rather than writing posts or tweets that are overly promotional or hard-selling, try focusing on providing relevant content to your audience. By exercising persistence and patience, your audience will feel like you are more focused on their needs than your own. In the end, you will be rewarded with an extra “treat” – in this case, a sale, lead, or some other form of conversion.

Share your toys.

When I first got Ollie, he was very territorial with his food and toys. I’ve had to teach him to share and now we can have his friends over to play because he doesn’t guard his things as closely. When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to be involved with online communities that can help you learn about new tactics and tools. Sharing your experiences with other marketers will help you be more successful with your own campaigns. Subscribing to blogs and joining groups on LinkedIn are two ways you can become more social (that’s the goal, isn’t it?) and better at sharing your “toys” – or in this case, social media tips and tricks.

Here are some of my go-tos:

Be loyal.

Innately, dogs are extremely loyal – and your social media marketing campaign should be, too. Remain loyal to your customers by providing them with content they expect from you. If you promise to be a reliable source of information for them, it’s important to follow through. If your social media channels are an extension of your customer service efforts, make sure you are responsive and helpful. If I promise Ollie a treat, you better believe he is circling my feet until I deliver. The secondary lesson here: don’t promise anything to your customers unless you are prepared to follow through.

Social media sites have become increasingly hot platforms for people everywhere to cast their voice. Whether giving a review of a new restaurant or sharing the latest celebrity gossip, social media sites bring people together to converse and exchange thoughts. And, they’re also the perfect place for businesses to hear the voice of customers.

Customers are the backbone of any business. If your customers aren’t happy, then you lose them, and your business ultimately tumbles. Social media sites are not only a place for people to share their thoughts, but a place for businesses to hear what their customers are saying.

Customers like to post on social media sites because they can openly and comfortably share their views and opinions on a product, service or company. Customers don’t have to wait in line or be left on hold on a phone to voice their views. Also, customers want to know that they aren’t just another person – they want to know that they are a valued customer. Through social media sites businesses can learn of what customers are saying and provide feedback quickly. Many businesses will rant about how customers matter. But as the common expression goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Believe it or not, one tweet holds a lot of value to customers. Social media sites provide customers with the attention from businesses that they want.

Social media is also an opportune way for businesses to build and maintain relationships with customers. Businesses can share the latest industry-related news and ask customers questions to obtain feedback. Also, businesses can reach a large audience fast on social media sites, and compete with other businesses to gain customers. Additionally, businesses can share content, links, videos and pictures on social media sites, and social media sites are easy to use.

Do you want to know what your customers think? If not then get started on a social media campaign today.