Google+Google’s ongoing efforts to push its social network’s exposure simply cannot be ignored. After having updated its Google+ Android app last month, the networks’ mobile users were treated to flashy new animations and larger displays for profile images. At that time, Google also announced that an update for the iOS version of Google+ was already in the works and would arrive with some additional functionality.

The promised update actually ended up coming out today and, for the most part, it features pretty much exactly what has already been seen in the Android version. On both iPhone and iPad, Google+ users can expect to experience a more attractive user interface that puts the emphasis on profile content above UI elements and the like. Additionally, the new update adds further support for multi-touch capabilities and integrates Apple TV into the device for Google Hangouts. Google has also promised that future updates will add in Google Events features.

Capturing that Vital Mobile Market

Although Google+ continues to struggle in its attempts to catch up to Facebook’s average monthly sign-up rate, Google is taking the right steps in trying to capture that market. Aside from the obvious benefits of a cleaner looking and better operating interface, the new update to the company’s social network is sure to take advantage of the eye-catching retina displays seen in Apple’s newest line of products. Seeing as every new buyer of the iPad 3 and Macbook Pro is looking for that killer app to show off their beautiful screens, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more people download the newest Google+ app even if as just a show piece.

As any successful social media company knows, getting people to take notice of a site is the essential first step to gaining conversion rates and increasing unique visitor traffic. Even if the initial download of the updated app is due to little more than curiosity or passing whim, Google+ now stands to improve its reputation with Apple users. As a result of this, those companies that are currently listed on the company’s social network could gain more attention in turn. What matters is that business get listed on Google+ before Apple users move on to the next big thing.

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As we all know by now, social media empowers us all to become reporters of our own.  Oftentimes we discuss the news and major announcements, and even stimulate buzz for a particular product and brand.  President Barack Obama has grabbed the media’s attention after officially announcing his support for same-sex marriage on ABC’s Good Morning America.

While the media has gone in to a frenzy to report on this major evolution in his presidency, millions of other reporters surfaced on Twitter- that’s right, us.  Perhaps one of the most intriguing considerations is the fact that there is now an official “Retweeting President Obama” counter that states the amount of times the President has been retweeted on this topic.

Leave it to social media to cultivate a statement and generate its own buzz.  In fact, Twitter reported that there were greater than 7,300 tweets per minute immediately after the President tweeted “Same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

Twitter published the follow analytical graph showing the explosive growth in tweets per minute (TPM) that emerged shortly following the announcement.  Image is courtesy of Twitter, Inc.

The President knows exactly what he is doing by moving the conversation to Twitter.  Back in 2008, the President successfully leveraged social media while on the campaign trail.  The fact of the matter is social media now provides everyone a platform to stimulate buzz and snowball information amongst our contacts.  This move is a strategic decision by the President and it seems to be working in his favor.