Tag: social media marketing

Tag: social media marketing

The Mobile Impact on Social Media Marketing

In recent years, mobile Internet usage has increased dramatically and smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices are now the primary point of connectivity for a rapidly growing mobile demographic.  For Internet marketers, reaching this massive user base is essential in creating more effective campaigns. In order to truly achieve optimal visibility throughout social media, […]

Content Marketing, Social Media, and a New Push-Pull Strategy

Most marketers, I hope, are familiar with traditional push-pull strategies.  But, me being me, I don’t like to assume things–we all know what happens when you do that. If you’re unfamiliar with push and pull marketing, here’s the gist of it: Push marketing aggressively seeks out the consumer, often incentivizing them with discounts and special […]

Get Great Analytics for Pinterest Campaigns from Pinerly

Has your company recently opened a Pinterest account as a new initiative within its SEO marketing strategy? Despite the newness of the social media site, there are already several tools that are available on the market for conducting analytics on the widespread usage of Pinterest. Leading the pack of useful tools is the service provided […]

Diversifying Content on Different Social Media Outlets is Key to Good Marketing

Social media networking sites are forever developing new affiliations with each other to better enhance their users’ experiences. The most recent ones to do so are Tumblr and Facebook, as reported in a recent Mashable article. The two websites have announced a new feature that will making the sharing of blog posts from Tumblr much […]

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