Do you think that the release of the new iPad is the only exciting event to take place this morning? Think again! As I reported in my blog post from yesterday, Pinterest had announced earlier in the week that it would be rolling out a re-designed profile page for users of its popular social media site. Well, today was the big day for Pinterest, just as much as it was for Apple, and the time has come for us to peel our eyes off of that bright, brand-new retina display and onto the new format of the Pinterest user profile page.

Contrary to my conjecture yesterday that Pinterest would be moving away from the look of Facebook Timeline, the site actually moved towards it. This is rather curious, considering the comments made by Pinterest CEO and Co-Founder Ben Silbermann this past Tuesday during a talk at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas. As mentioned in an article by Mashable on the Pinterest re-design, Silbermann said that the Pinterest team “wanted to make it more beautiful … to make your profile different in kind than the profile you have on Facebook.”

A quick glance at the re-designed Pinterest profile page, however, would lead one to believe the opposite. It looks like Pinterest took a liking to the Facebook Timeline and determined that it was an ideal formatting option with great appeal to many users, both old and new. The Mashable article features some screenshots to show the contrast between the of the previous and current Pinterest profile pages.

So what are some of those important design changes? One is that the box featuring the user’s name and mini biography has been moved to the top of the page. Up until now it had always appeared on the left side of the user’s profile page. Because this box as moved, the user’s boards now appear below the name-and-biography box, instead of next to it. Yet another change is that the activity monitor, which used to appear below the name-and-biography box on the left, has been turned into a fourth tab that users can click on to access.

Overall, the re-design looks great and provides a streamlined user experience. It is only a tad reminiscent – at first glance – of Facebook’s Timeline. However, further exploration of the features will convince regular users that the profile page is still distinctly different, and uniquely Pinterest.

Businesses should check out the new Pinterest profile page, and start re-organizing their profiles for best SEO value, as soon as they can.

Breaking news! This past Tuesday at the South by Southwest Conference that has been taking place in Austin, Texas all week, Pinterest Co-Founder and CEO Ben Silbermann announced the release of a re-designed Pinterest profile page that will roll out this week.

In the article posted by Mashable, Silbermann says that his company’s goal is to make Pinterest profile pages distinctly different from the profile pages on Facebook. I’m assuming that this is in reference to the new Timeline profile that Facebook has been forcing both individual users and business pages to adopt.

Facebook’s Timeline format for profiles is quite admittedly a large nod towards Pinterest, featuring tiles of posted images and status updates that stream downwards with the newest posts on top. It seems that Pinterest is taking the Facebook changes in stride and working towards to adding more innovation to its own social media side.

Besides the change in appearance, the Pinterest redesign will include improvements to discoverability on the site. That will make it easier for users to find others who they share interests with. The changes will also highlight connections between users, especially when they re-pin images from others’ boards.

Silbermann also revealed other major changes that are in the works for Pinterest. One of these is expanding the number of things on the internet that users can pin on their boards, particularly videos from sites like Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix and more. Another change, news of which came out earlier this week, is the development of an iPad app for Pinterest.

What do all these changes mean for businesses? Of course, the primary thing is the necessary adjustment of profiles to the new format Pinterest will release. The next is reevaluating the connections a business’s Pinterest page has already made, and is planning to make, with others. The better connected a page is with others that are similar, the greater the chance of discovery by people who are genuinely interested in the product or service that a business provides. The ability to post videos from other websites may also prove useful to businesses that create and publish videos that are both promotional and informational.

As the new changes roll out, companies should really make the effort to stay on top of their social media and SEO campaigns and adjust their pages as soon as they can. This will help ensure that their Pinterest profiles will stay relevant and continue to attract views.