One of the most difficult things to do is revive a dead brand, but I have to give Yahoo credit for doing everything they can to make it happen. I recall the days that Yahoo was the champion of the search space and “the” place to go for online news. They were the success story coming in and pulling away the market share from AOL in the early days of the online revolution. Somewhere along the way, Google came in and with little advertising or fanfare blew away Yahoo into an afterthought.

Yahoo went through some very lean times and made a bold move in bringing Google royalty, Marissa Mayer, on board to turn the company around. Yahoo also added the purchase of Tumblr to stay current and find a way to stay with the pack in regards to innovation. But, have any of these changes and innovations actually helped increase market share or, more importantly, boost interest in their advertising product? Not in my eyes.

Rankings and advertising on Yahoo are seen as a secondary channel compared to Google. Google continues to be the place for people to go to find things, and I always view Google advertising as having more “proactive” consumers…people who do searches with the intent of making a purchase. Yahoo’s belief is you come in for the news with Katie Couric and you stay for ads – but will it work? Likely not, but hats off to Yahoo for trying; with big salaries like Mayer and Couric and billion dollar purchases like Tumblr, the reality is Yahoo has likely positioned itself for a horrific and epic fall.There will be a day someone will knock Google off its perch and gain the market share in the search space but that company won’t be Yahoo. Katie Couric Image

Will Yahoo! Adding Katie Couric revitalize their brand?

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The Great GatsbyFilm director Baz Lurhmann is nobody’s fool. When he took the classic text “The Great Gatsby” and adopted it to the screen, he knew that there was no great film version of this beloved book. It had been attempted in the past but never done very well, so when Lurhmann took “The Great Gatsby” and brought 1922 into 2013, he used every avenue available to him – including social media marketing. Here are some ways that 2013’s “The Great Gatsby” film used social media marketing to drive home the experience.


Cover Photo
The cover photo on “The Great Gatsby” Facebook page sets the tone for the film. The classy, wide shot shows all the principal players and really drives home the style that Lurhmann was going for.

The Great Gatsby - Facebook Cover Photo
Custom Tabs
“The Great Gatsby” has custom tabs to help drive fans to the movie theaters. This is nothing all that original, but the fact that fans of the film could simply click to “like” or “buy tickets now” made the transition from computer screen to movie screen seamless.

The Great Gatsby - Facebook Tabs
Shareable Content
The volume and quality of material available on “The Great Gatsby” Facebook page makes for great shareable content. There are photos, quotes, videos, behind the scenes information on the making of the movie, and so much more, which allows  fans to really see what this film is all about. Content like this went viral on the movie’s Facebook page, which created even more buzz for the film.

There was no shortage of video clips posted online to promote “The Great Gatsby”. Filmmakers need to realize that as soon as they put their films out into the world, they will be available for viewing online, so the key is to provide impactful clips to catch the interest of the online audience before others do. The producers of this movie certainly understood that, and the fact that they offered so much in terms of video clips on all platforms kept fans engaged and wanting to see more on the movie screen.


The Great Gatsby - TwitterIn the Twitter universe, “The Great Gatsby’s” social media presence also scored big. The use of hashtags for fans to connect and share pictures (#GatsbyPics) made the social media marketing experience interactive, inclusive, and effortless. The marketing team continues to engage with those who mention the film on Twitter, which increases the fans’ enthusiasm for the film. Here is an example of fans on Twitter showing off their Gatsby-inspired outfits before attending the film and sharing it using the hashtag #GatsbyPics. This was later retweeted by “The Great Gatsby” Twitter account.



The Great Gatsby - TumblrAnother really smart social media move was the Tumblr Fan Art Challenge.  Fans were asked to create an original piece of art from the “The Great Gatsby” film for a chance to win a trip to New York City for the film’s premier. This increased fan engagement, and, like so many of the other social media platforms, led to the fans doing the promoting for the film!  Something else to keep in mind is that “The Great Gatsby” took advantage of its other social platforms to promote the Tumblr contest. Below are some of the entries from the Tumblr Art Challenge displayed on Pinterest.


People love seeing celebrities in their natural habitat, and “The Great Gatsby” definitely didn’t have a shortage of celebrities for fans to get excited about. There was major online interest in the flurry of Instagram photos showing actors and actresses from the film strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

Every Aspect of the Film’s Social Media Promotion was Great

From Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to Instagram, “The Great Gatsby” took its social media marketing presence to the next level. By engaging the audience, allowing exclusive peeks behind the curtain, and giving like-minded movie goers a way to connect via social media, this film has certainly cast a new mold for future films to follow. Viewers of big blockbusters can expect plenty of chances to connect on social media going forward.

What did you think of “The Great Gatsby’s” social media marketing presence?

Social media has tremendous potential to brands, we know this. But gaining increased exposure for a brand through purposeful engagement with their audience is a skill requiring a number of elements, among them a viable strategy, and is worth a closer look through the actions of a large social player, the NBA. The league has a powerful social media presence as it is with 260 million Facebook likes and Twitter followers spread around all the player, team, and league accounts – and they have significantly ramped it up for this year’s playoffs and their efforts provide a great global example.

Tumblr & Pinterest
As reported in a piece on Mashable, the NBA has launched Tumblr and Pinterest accounts and are running a campaignthrough their Twitter presence. Marketers for the league are looking at these two additional platforms to take advantage of their visual focus and ease-of-use for photo-sharing. Specifically for the tumblr account, NBA marketers will be displaying pictures depicting classic moments in NBA playoff history profiling famous match-ups and moments.

For Pinterest, they have two goals. First, they will promote retro and throwback team clothing linking it to their e-commerce store to drive more business in that regard. Pinterest is ideal for showing off product visual being able to create boards and pin interesting looks and combinations of the clothing. Secondly, they want to profile interesting “characters” that are in the NBA, looking at quirky styling, haircuts, and other elements.

Twitter Campaign
With the global reach of the NBA brand, marketers for the league are looking to engage fans from around the globe in their “Hoops Around the World” campaign. This effort spurs fans to document the places that they both play and watch basketball. They are pushing fans to tweet photos of where they shoot hoops locally capturing the actual baskets and where they watch their NBA games – mentioning @NBA and #hoops. According to Mashable, the NBA will retweet the ones they like the best and compile a world map of all photos before the culmination of the season with The Finals. If the NBA really wanted to push it they could engage fans on the social platforms of local markets, but I’m sure their reasoning in part is that they wanted to keep it unified.

Businesses can use this as an example per individual company characteristics and goals. WebiMax and other strong internet marketing and SEO companies help businesses to outline their marketing goals and strategy for social media campaigns and one of the primary factors with the new platforms in Tumblr and Pinterest is whether or not your company has visual relevance. Most all companies do, but it is a matter of how businesses can post images that relate to them and their operations in an interesting way to engage with them. The subject matter of the photos all must be interesting whether images taken by the company or shots of charts and infographics, facility or office pictures, and even pictures of relevant happenings in the industry.

For information on leveraging social media especially with an international audience, reach out to me directly at or @ryanwbudd.

As my fellow writers and I have recommended time and time ago, it’s a good practice for companies to use social media to supplement their other organic SEO activity. Due to the ever-increasing number of users found on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, many start-up or entrepreneur company owners are sharing their own original content effortlessly with the masses. Businesses that remain active with social media sites consistently see better traffic to their online properties than those companies that don’t retweet or post status updates. It’s an exciting time for small and medium-sized businesses to be sure, but many companies are finding that their success is somewhat limited and they don’t know why.

Although everyone touts the potential of a fully-engaged social media audience, there is also a general acknowledgement that knowing when to post a link can greatly determine the reach of one’s content. Obviously status updates about trending topics are most successful when people are not away from social media while celebrating a holiday or major event. In addition to paying attention to major events, getting a gauge on when social network users are likely online during the course of a given day is an important skill for any business owner or campaign manager to have. While developing a sense for user activity levels can be tricky, a new report released by can help give budding social media companies some help.

Traditional Social Media Posts Hit their Stride Early
Recent statistics from the popular link-abridging website show that popular social networks Facebook and Twitter actually see the most link activity during the earlier parts of the day. According to the site’s latest blog post, the two social media sites see their link click-through rates peak in activity starting in the morning and topping off sometime before 4 PM EST. In particular, Twitter link activity is at its highest levels between noon and 3 PM EST on weekdays, while Facebook does well during a similar timespan. Both networks see greatly diminished CTRs starting Friday and going through the weekend.

Image-Based Social Networks do well in the Evening
The report also states that image-centric social media site Tumblr sees the most users during the evening. From the end of the work day to around 10 PM EST, the CTRs for those links generated by often see their highest levels. According to the blog, Monday and Tuesday nights actually see strong activity. Friday nights are also great nights for posting on Tumblr, with heightened activity a result of the oncoming weekend.

Using these Reports Wisely
The statistics reported by provide more guidelines that anything else. SMB owners and social media campaign managers should always remember that the industry they work in and major events should be the prime indicators of when links should be distributed on social sites. On the average day though, the aforementioned timetables for posting should give those users who are unsure when to post their links a little extra direction.

For additional information about efficient link-sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter, I invite readers to contact me at I am more than happy to reply to any inquiries they may have.

Social media networking sites are forever developing new affiliations with each other to better enhance their users’ experiences. The most recent ones to do so are Tumblr and Facebook, as reported in a recent Mashable article. The two websites have announced a new feature that will making the sharing of blog posts from Tumblr much easier on Facebook’s new Timeline format. Users of Tumblr can activate this from their Tumblr accounts.

The ability to automatically transfer posts from Tumblr into Facebook has already long been available. The only difference here is that Tumblr has tweaked the process to better adjust to the new Timeline that Facebook introduced at the beginning of this year. This change in the feature does not only affect individual users, but businesses as well. I will take this opportunity to discuss an aspect of social media marketing that all too often passes over the heads of many SEO marketers.

There are many businesses that already use Tumblr as a great promotional tool for their products or services, and as one of many components of their social media marketing strategies. In managing a variety of different networks for a single brand, there is one important thing that marketers must keep in mind: each channel must display content that is unique from all others.

When a marketer is managing so many different social media networks for a company, it is tempting to post the same content on each and every channel. However, this is only really acceptable for promotions, sales, and things of that nature. It has been shown in many cases that posting unique content to each network is essential to drawing in more visitors, and keeping them interested in your brand. When visitors see the same content on each page, however, they are less likely to visit it again.

In regards to Tumblr and Facebook, if you have set up an automatic transfer of Tumblr posts to Facebook, make sure they both have exclusively unique content. Having the same content show up multiple times in your Facebook fans’ news feeds will very likely cause them to lose interest in your brand page.

It has already been said: content is king when it comes to SEO. Make sure to diversify the content of all your social media profiles.

The reason for the immense appeal of the social media site Pinterest lies in its basis on image-sharing. We are living in a society that is increasingly becoming more drawn to pictures than to words. People are gravitating much more readily to websites that feature many images versus those that contain a lot of written content. Anyone who has been paying attention to the evolution of website designs over the past several years can definitely attest to this growing trend among internet users.

The image-sharing Pinterest has only proven to be the latest manifestation of this shift in people’s preferences for how they want information and messages delivered to them online. The success of Pinterest has served as a sign to other websites that they must re-format in order to maintain their own appeal to internet users. One of the most notable websites to accordingly adapt thus far has been the social networking giant Facebook, which introduced its very similar format Timeline at the beginning of this year.

According to a recent Mashable article, it now appears that Tumblr is moving in the same Pinterest-headed direction. The blogging site that rose to internet popularity as an image-sharing online community – and which could be considered a predecessor of Pinterest – is offering nine free themes that all bear a strong resemblance to the Pinterest layout of images on a uniform background that serves as a “pinboard.”

The Mashable article offers a slideshow of the nine Tumblr themes, which bear titles like “Kinley Lite,” “Nominal,” and “Tessellate.” Some of them look more like a mosaic, while others are more fluid in design. All of them, however, feature rows of images that can be scrolled over from top to bottom, very much in Pinterest-like fashion.

Businesses which are already using Tumblr in their SEO campaigns should not only add Pinterest to their lineup of social media marketing outlets, but should consider re-formatting their Tumblr blogs to what is current now. Staying on top of the changing trends in design can make a world of difference in enhancing the marketing value of an online property.