Tag: video production

Tag: video production

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Rich Content

On Wednesday night at the first ever Agile SEO meetup hosted by WebiMax’s own Chris Countey, I delivered a presentation regarding the value of rich content and its place in the future of online marketing.  I discussed the growth of video on the Web and how it has gradually become a more powerful marketing tool […]

Marrying Individual Services Targets Heart of SEO Success

Happy Valentine’s Day, valued WebiMax readers.  Are your customers headed, straight as an arrow, toward your site’s services and products, not just today, but each day of the year?  Search engine optimization facilitates a love connection and the endless search for brand attention.  Brands engineer goods and services to meet the needs of valued customers.  […]

When a Title Tag Comes Along, You Must Snippet

Do you host a large site, one with a multitude of products and services?  Are you a review provider?  Is yours a business-to-business site, offering listings to a host of vendors?  If so, it’s likely there are many pages within your Web site.  That’s great news, inviting more opportunities for commerce.  However, you want to […]

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