Tag: white hat SEO

Tag: white hat SEO

You Deserve Great Web-side Manner from an Online Marketing Company

I recently scheduled a visit to the eye doctor; I can’t see two feet beyond without corrective lenses but I behold some insight regarding human nature and “customer” service.  I sought the services of the eye doctor because I had a need, yet the service provider exhibited horrific customer service, “misplacing” my records, making me […]

You Can Hide Your Black Hats but You Can’t Take the Proof Out of the Pudding

Search engine optimization has always attracted outsider interest regarding the dichotomy of black and white-hat SEO specialists, the former party delivering unethical and SE-questionable practices.  As industry literature explains, black-hat practitioners give the industry a bad name, helping clients “game” the search engines.  Black hats help “game” the system; but, I think mutually ethically-questionable brands, […]

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