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Establishing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and other connections is an important part of building your online presence. WebiMax understands the importance of public relations; media pitches are one of the best ways to increase visibility within your industry, boost website traffic, increase sales leads and, ultimately, generate more revenue. We offer media pitches with custom outreach to unique and relevant news outlets and blog sites, where your Project Manager and dedicated SEO Content Writer will work with you to determine what trending business topics will provide the best chance for exposure on targeted news sites.

Content will be sculpted and formatted to maximize journalistic interest and to solidify your stance as a thought leader in your industry. We then will contact expert journalists and other connections on your behalf. Through our custom outreach, we will secure a mention, a quote from you, or a brief story about your business on a highly popular news or blog site. The goal is to get exposure for your name or brand on a highly authoritative site with great linking and traffic potential.

Here are just a few of the media outlets WebiMax is frequently mentioned in, and you can be too.


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