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gp1Today, one of the most rapidly-growing social media sites is Google+. Google’s unique approach to social networking began in 2011, and has since gained over 235 million active users. With such impressive growth in such a short amount of time Google+ has proven itself to be an influential social media platform with an extensive worldwide reach.

Google+ also acts as somewhat of a “social layer” of the parent Google site. The social networking site merges elements of YouTube, Google Search, Gmail and other Google features to create a more comprehensive user experience than alternate social platforms.

Google+ provides significant value to SEO campaigns, as well. For instance, using Google Authorship to associate blog posts to their authors via Google+ is known to increase a blog’s authority and its ranking within search results.

How Google+ Works

Google+ places a strong emphasis on organizing friends, fans and followers. These various “Circles” are used to determine which users see your posts, and they can be easily edited to fit your needs. This advanced user management functionality is a feature exclusive to Google+ and is one of its greatest assets.

Additionally, Google+ allows for extensive interactivity, as Google Hangouts and Chat integrate seamlessly with the network.

The aforementioned benefits of Google Authorship are immeasurable, as well. Enabling authorship on your website’s blog provides greater visibility for your blog and your Google+ profile.

How Google Authorship appears in Google Search results.

Google Authorship is a known ranking factor and is also one of the most important social signals recognized by Google.

Measuring Success

gp3 With features such as Circles and Authorship, as well as its powerful Analytics monitoring, Google+ easily transcends traditional online search and social networking to maximize your Internet marketing initiatives.

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