IDX / MLS Website Integration for Realtors and Brokers

The competitive nature of the real estate world makes having a website with IDX/MLS essential. Many people use online marketing and search services as their first step to buying a home in order to anonymously see what is out there. A website with IDX will give any homebuyer the opportunity to search homes on all of your MLS systems without any pressure, so the homebuyer can determine whether or not the property would fit his/her needs. Additionally, IDX allows you to present the listings in your MLS systems in the best possible way, omitting contact information and other data not pertinent to the listing. In the end, IDX will generate more leads.

Webimax’s team of website designers and SEO Internet marketing experts will work with you to develop an IDX integrated website design that meets your needs and expectations. As an official IDX partner, Webimax can offer you the following features and more for your website:

  • Customizable search forms. The IDX software provides many options, including basic and advanced searches as well as searches by map, address, or MLS listing number.
  • Widgets, like slideshow and agent showcase, to enhance user experience.
  • Landing page management and other SEO friendly features
  • Featured listings management
  • Analytics tools
  • Lead capture and retention features

If you want to encourage a better user experience and earn more leads, the Webimax team can help. Please click here to start the process.

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