Author: Brooks Brecker

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5 Best Practices: Using Social Media for Reputation Management

If you’re a business owner, then you know reputation is everything. Your company’s reputation can significantly impact your repeat business and your bottom line. In today’s digital page, consumers utilize online reviews to learn more about a company, product or service. According to a report from Nielsen, 84% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends […]

Importance of Mobile Friendly Sites in 2015

The number of people accessing the web through mobile devices grows everyday. From smartphones to tablets to phablets, mobile devices are a booming segment, and you can bet users aren’t just checking their email anymore. They are surfing the web, making online purchases, reading reviews, and even ordering their next meal! Mobile devices have changed […]

Choosing the Proper Focus Keywords for Your Reputation Management Campaign

Online Reputation Management is critical to the success of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Though reputation management may sound like a course of action exclusively for struggling companies, this approach is actually valuable for any business that aims to consistently maintain a strong reputation online—in other words, every business. Considering that any one negative review […]

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