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Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation Part 1: Above the Fold

This is the first installment in a 2-part blog series explaining best practices to design an effective landing page.   What Is a Landing Page?   Simply put, a landing page is any page that a user “lands on,” however in marketing, what we are generally referring to is a page with the singular goal […]

Pinterest has released promoted pins. Should your company be using them?

Promoted pins from Pinterest rolled out to the public on January 1st to help small and large businesses connect to the folks that might be interested in their products and messages.  Previous to 2015 Pinterest had tested this feature for a couple years and only a handful of large companies were able to access it, […]

WebiMax Team Gives Back, at The Food Bank of South Jersey

As we celebrate the holidays, spending time with family and friends and enjoying all the great holiday food, we can’t help but think of those that may not be so fortunate. Everyday in South Jersey, more than 200,000 people are not sure where their next meal will come from. Of that number 35% are children […]

Ebay chooses Bing Ads over Google Ad Words – but should Google care?

Ebay has stopped utilizing Google AdWords for mobile devices and instead started to use Microsoft’s Bing Ads.  Prior to that, in a financial call with investors over this past summer, Ebay disclosed that Google penalties had cost the company an estimated $200 Million.   There is some speculation that Ebay’s decision is a direct result of […]

The Power of Reviews on your Business’ Reputation

Mobile technology has given people the tools to reach into their pocket and get all the pertinent info they need to make a smart purchase whether a product is on the shelf in front of them, or they are planning a trip and looking to book a room.   The rise of mobile has yielded […]

Supporting Online Marketing – Offline, With The New

As online marketing has steadily moved from being an afterthought to the forefront, we here at WebiMax have noticed a gap developing in business owner’s understanding of how to successfully manage the ever-evolving world of online marketing and their ability to support that with more traditional advertising or offline techniques.   We see companies struggling to […]

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