Author: Greg Adomaitis

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Facebook on the Ropes? We Say Facebook is Here to Stay

In the red corner, we have legacy media advertising. That’s right, the radio jingles, newspaper advertisements and TV commercials you remember from your youth. In the blue corner, we have social media marketing: user-specific ads, pay-per-click opportunities and targeted emails all reaching potential conversions. It almost goes without saying that digital marketers would expect the […]

Q&A Recap For WebiMax’s 10 Years of Growth & Success

We at WebiMax are proudly celebrating our 10th anniversary now in 2018. Over the last decade, WebiMax has grown to become one of the top online marketing companies in the United States. Founder & CEO Ken Wisnefski sat down with WebiMax Writer & Reporter Pat Donohue and discussed WebiMax’s growth and success since its inception in 2008, as […]

WebiMax CEO: “Show Me The Proof That Facebook Is To Blame In Cambridge Hack”

Facebook is a merely a “conduit” and it’s “hard to say” that the social media platform is solely to blame for the data breach that saw 87 million accounts exposed to Cambridge Analytica. That’s the stance of Ken Wisnefski, founder, and CEO of digital marketing agency WebiMax, and he’s withholding judgment until someone can show […]

All News is Local: Get Your PR Initiatives the Attention They Deserve

What do a store shelf and a news reporter’s email inbox have in common? Both are filled to the brim with items being overlooked. It’s not intentional, but we’re in the age of information overload so some pitches fall by the wayside and products that show true promise gather dust. With the assistance of expertly-crafted […]

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