Author: Holly Schureman

Author: <span class=Holly Schureman">

Site Speed Analysis and Why It Matters

How many times have you clicked on a link in a list of search results only to sit there and watch the little circle spin on your browser tab? Like everyone else, you probably hit the back button and proceed to click the next link in the long list of results. The speed of a […]

Client / Developer Communication is a Two-Way Street

Communication between the client and developer is one of the single most important aspects of any SEO campaign. It is imperative that both sides understand where the other is coming from and what the roles and expectations of each side are. I will go over a few suggestions from both the client and the developers […]

Page Not Found: How to Approach 404 Errors

One of the most common SEO mistakes I encounter every day is the mishandling of 404 errors. URLs that return a 404 HTTP response code are a normal part of the web; just about every site has them. 404 errors can be served for a couple of reasons. Maybe you are trying to access a […]

3 Common SEO Mistakes Web Developers Make

Everyday, many businesses spend large amounts of time and money on their SEO campaigns only to find that their site is not budging in rankings. Most site owners and SEO agencies put most of the emphasis on establishing a good link profile and conducting keyword research. While these are both very important to the success […]

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