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Penguin Recovery – How to Recover from Penguin 3.0

About a week ago, Google rolled out their updated Penguin algorithm, Penguin 3.0, but it has been more than a year since they last launched their updated version. It is said that the Penguin 3.0 has affected about 1% of search queries. For those of you not aware, Penguin is an algorithm that identifies what […]

SEO Reminders on Your Snow Day

With record-setting snowfall hitting the country this winter, you might find yourself with a little extra downtime. Your business may be temporarily closed, but when it comes to SEO, well, let’s just say it never stops. During all of these snow days, you can use your time productively to organize your SEO efforts. The following […]

How to Recover from Google’s Manual Action for Unnatural Links

 Follow These Steps to Help Remove your Manual Action from Google for Unnatural Links Pointing to your Site Nowadays, you hear a lot about Google placing manual actions on websites due to the unnatural links pointing to them. These manual actions can really cause a site to suffer and the removal of them can be […]

Facebook Launches the Use of #Hashtags

Most of you have probably heard that Facebook recently unveiled the capability for users to enjoy clickable hashtags on their platform, just like Twitter and Instagram. This is a huge step for Facebook, allowing them to better organize public conversation. The History Hashtags are words or even phrases that are tagged with the number or […]

Local SEO Tools for Your Business

When’s the last time you actually looked up a business in a phone book? It’s probably been years for me. Whether I’m looking for a plumber or a pizza place, I turn to Google (sorry, Bing). It’s faster and more efficient. Within seconds, I can find the local businesses I’m looking for. And not only […]

Choosing Keywords to Match Your Business

Choosing keywords for your business’s website can be tricky.  But it’s something you have to do if you want people to find your business on the Web. I always like to take some time to learn about the site and understand what it will take for someone to get there. It’s good to put yourself […]

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