Speaking of…S(eo)aturday Roundup

Speaking of…S(eo)aturday Roundup

Good day to you, online marketing blog readers!  I hope you enjoyed the last full week of February as you prepare to wrestle out of winter hibernation and fly into spring off the top ropes.  Speaking of, not all need to come out of winter slumber; Pandas don’t hibernate.  Speaking of, SEL released a well-done 2011 Google Panda memorial infograph (I also liked the one done by Falling Up Media) yesterday.

It reminds us that natural link building (did you see Jon Cooper’s link building strategies resource? – wow!), the process of intriguing others to link to your content, is performed using a variety of implementations.  Speaking of, John Doherty discussed the three tenets of content marketing on his personal blog.

Speaking of, Michael King (aka ipullrank) hosted Sweet Titled Tweets Fit the Wit in Twitter on his personal blog (thanks, Michael!) done by me (aka content muse).  Why use an alias?  Maybe it’s cool or maybe to keep social media worlds from colliding, I need to separate my social and professional worlds; but, I’m posting on a Saturday; it’s already begun!  I wish I didn’t know those SEO suggestions…  Speaking of…


WebiMax had a good week.  CEO Ken Wisnefski provided insight to several stories in the press:

SF Gate:  Facebook’s mobile applications

CIO:  Nine Ways Google+ Can Help Your Business

The Street:  Five Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online

Meet more “Maxers” via our Casual Friday video, addressing social media’s importance in SEO.  The videos are arranged by our Digital VP, Todd Bailey, who also devises his Bailey Daily (yesterday’s post).

Todd manages our team of writers, who you can read ‘on the reg’ at our SEO blog.  We can’t get along without him.  Speaking of, we couldn’t get along without a man of modesty, Chris Countey, who proliferates as writer, speaker, overall SEO strategist, and great teammate.   Speaking of, I have plenty others, like on the blog team.  Have you met some of them?  I think you should.


Durba Chatterjee

Durba wrote some good posts this week.  I particularly liked one focused on Pinterest; it’s great to get catchall tips but Durba provides examples of particular brands using the marketing platform well.  Durba also addressed new mobile application, Instagram.  Is it just another or something different?

Ryan Buddenhagen

Ryan is an incredible addition, spanning the globe in his ISEO writings.  For instance, he takes readers from NYC to Berlin, discussing Pinwheel and travel.  Yesterday, Ryan embarked on part one of his Google’s ‘Get Your Business Online’ report.  If you’re in front of your computer, or anywhere in the world leveraging Webimax mobile, be sure to land eyes on part deuce.

Bruce Rymshaw

Bruce likes writing from our sister, SEOservices site.  (Have you been checking out the content there?  We’re building a community and would love your contributions!)  Bruce helps the writers make the best use of time while penning his SEO 101 post, offering great insights for SEO newcomers, like his content goes social and enterprise SEO pieces.

Other great reads from the week:

Michael King – The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye)

Dr. Pete – 2 User Metrics That Matter for SEO

Anthony Mangia – The Last Link Building Strategy Your Business Will Ever Need (great discussions in comment section)

Vanessa Fox – Is SEO Killing America?


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