The Rights of (a Copywriting) Man

The Rights of (a Copywriting) Man


Sometimes copywriting can be a paine pain for professionals.  I employ copywriting from a comfortable position.  I produce for WebiMax.  I’ve been working in the field of online marketing for over five years and still have a lot to learn (I’ll always remain writing teacher and student); but, I feel confident in my position, reading and writing daily upon a range of online marketing topics.  However, I’ve written for a range of clients in the past; and, can say in retrospect, I have not always felt so comfy.

It’s not easy to communicate with clients as a writer sometimes.  There may be no direct contact or weakened lines of communications regarding what a client expects, desires, and understands about copywriting implementations (from an online marketing perspective).  Rather than point fingers, it’s best to ensure things get done, to address the client’ needs.  In theory, communication is the best remedy; yet, during day-to-day hustle and bustle, things get lost in translation, leaving communication wanting of sufficiency.

As a seeker of copywriting services, consider providing writers with the following rights to say:

Your Service/Product is Boring
I’m sorry; I’m not saying your product or service is not of high quality or there is not a definite market for them; I’m saying the topic is boring to address via copywriting.  I’m creative; I would like to inject some intrigue for (your) readers.  Are you willing to grant your writers a license to thrill?  Brands (and aligned businesspeople) come in a variety of personalities; some are more comfortable than others in granting writers carte blanche.

However, consider the purpose of the copywriting.  Do you have strict on-page expectations or would you like the copywriting provider to extend the content’s reach, potentially making a post go viral?  A just-the-facts philosophy is likely to address on-page needs (describing goods and services) but cascading paragraphs, describing plastic tubing, is not going to incite a large reader market.  Are you interested in fishing in a larger reader pool?  Allow your copywriting professional to employ some creative allure.

I’m Not a Star; You Are
Could you imagine if I attempted to pen SEO copy like Rand Fishkin?  It would be alarmingly obvious and embarrassing for me.  He is the Wizard of Moz.  Compared to him, I represent the lollipop guild.  I understand respective owners and clients seek copywriting due to time constraints.  However, please put in the time to provide writers with industry resources, suggestions, and anything, which may help them sufficiently address your industry.


I’m not the star…you are.

This is important depending on the nature of services.  Are writers describing your products and services?  If so, a very broad understanding of the industry may suffice, mirroring the understanding of your target market.  However, do you want something ghostwritten, positioning you as an authority figure?  It’s not uncommon; you may be a ‘Shakespeare’ when it comes to your respective industry, but not a writer who will be remembered for centuries; you feel more comfortable leveraging a writing-convention translator, a copywriting service.  Understood, but, ensure you are providing enough insight so writers can properly ‘channel’ you, emulating your sense of expertise.

I Need More Time
There was a time when copywriting (pretty much) meant the provision of textual content.  However, nifty infographics, videos, and other varieties, comprise ‘content’ these days.  I would suggest clients take a gander outside the traditional parameters of textual content.  For many service and product providers, visual stimulants allow for much better communication and user/brand-target experience.


Do you see a difference?

Are you building a site and need immediate copywriting?  Understood, the process does not take very long.  Would you like something done ‘super-duper’ well, hosting a variety of visual implements and points of reader intrigue?  I celebrate the sentiment; but, writers will need more time to produce such copy.  The venture may warrant more time, resources, and investment.  Speak with your service provider about the difference.

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