#SMX East 2012 Session Recap

#SMX East 2012 Session Recap

SMX East 2012

Recap of Meet Siri: Apple’s Google Killer

SMX East Schedule

I started this post sitting at a table with Bill Slawski and several other SEOs awaiting for the opening presentation. Lots of carb-ilicious breakfast foods. Check. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Check. Talks of algorithm updates and jabs at me for typing as if I had I was texting on a full-size keyboard. Sigh, check.

This was my first attempt live blogging session, so it’s going to be rough. Buckle up. Update: the wifi apparently didn’t have an all-access pass and couldn’t make it to the session, so this can no longer be considered a “live blog post”.

Links to Slideshare presentations will be added as they become available.

Greg Sterling opens the presentation: Meet Siri: Apple’s Google Killer

Survey: 11.1% users stated that they use Siri to search the web (more than Bing or Yahoo)

Announces new product: Yapple Maps (not really.)


Bryson Meunier @brysonmeunier from Resolution Media

Is Siri a Google Killer?

Presentation Summary:

He asks Siri, “Siri are you a Google killer?”

Siri: We’re talking about you, not me.

Siri gets 60% of its answers from Google.

Siri assumes local intent even if the query isn’t local.

Siri is not a search engine.

“Siri doesn’t currently have the reach” for effective targeting.

To optimize for Siri, optimize for Google, especially for local queries. Also consider the relevance of the user’s intent.

Read the 2010 article by Maryam Kamvar Garret and Doug Beeferman Google Search By Voice: A Case Study [PDF]

“Local and shopping queries are most likely to be spoken due to hands-free navigation.”

See the Full Presentation


Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide

How to Optimize Your Business for Apple Maps
(Alternate Title: Think Apple Maps Suck?)

Presentation Summary:

1 Billion iOS by 2015

Top 5 OS, iOS is 5, Windows is number 1

Apple Maps gets data from Localeze and Yelp

Reviews only pulls in latest 3 (doh!)

Increase Yelp reviews: Write a Tip

Pics should be used for scrolling otherwise you see a map view

Localeze Premium Sub 297 per year

New site announced:


Will Scott of Search Influence

Why Online Marketers are Rethinking Yelp

Presentation Summary:

In 2015, according to Kelsey, mobile search will surpass desktop

Apple Maps Ecosystem Infographic

Yelp ranking: keywords in content and reviews with keyword content

Siri with Yelp Rankings:

  • Proximity (Move to the neighborhood level in Yelp)
  • Ratings
  • Category

See also: Matt Siltala’s Presentation on Siri Optimization from SMX Advanced 2012

In addition to all of these things, do good local SEO

Keyword Research for Siri

Natural Language

Include categories and taxonomies

Random Fact: 50% of mobile searches have local intent (waiting to be verified by Google)


Bill Slawski of WebiMax

Google Will not go Gentle into that good night: project glass

Presentation Summary:

Siri is smarter than what we’ve seen on iPhone previously

Short Term and Long Term Memory

“At its heart, Siri has a learning ontology that understands your intent.”

Domain models, task flow, dialog flow, domain entity, vocabulary and more

Google Now

User behavior

Location information

Contextual information

Google Field Trip (referred to as Google Here)

Knowledge Base Information

Alerts based on location

The Swimming Goggles Patent

Possibly the first evidence of Google Glass

Then came Google Goggles

All about recognition of faces, products, landmarks, art, bar codes etc.

Terahop Indoor Mapping

Think of Google Glass being used indoors, such as a mall

Templated Maps

All of the above presentations were awesome and I highly recommend you follow each of the speakers on Twitter and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Also follow the action on Twitter #smx and follow @beebow and @akvileharlow for live SMX East 2012 coverage!

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