America’s Tax Office

America’s Tax Office

For years, we struggled trying SEO on our own and we employed the wrong SEO companies. It did not work. I was referred to WebiMax so, as a “hail mary,” I called. Reeling from bad experiences, we had to be certain. Accordingly, we insisted on meeting at their office in South Jersey. They quickly agreed. I toured their headquarters, met key staff, and we sat down and sketched out our plan. Without a doubt, WebiMax performed and delivered for America’s Tax Office exactly as promised. Now,, is consistently on the first page of Google for the key words most important to us.

Through it all, I learned, in order for SEO to work, you need four key components: a team, experience, technology, and link building relationships. WebiMax has all four in spades. Know this now: one man shops and/or small SEO companies cannot help you. To do it properly, requires significant manpower and manpower that includes individuals with skills sets particular to a variety of disciplines. One, two, or three guys, are at best hobbyists and will effectively be the jack of all trades and master of none. WebiMax has “a guy” for everything. Because they have been doing this for many years, their counsel to you will be based on experience. Stated differently, they know what works and what does not. They have software which monitors and tracks everything they do and they give monthly reports which keep you in the loop. Central to every SEO effort is link building. Post Penguin, the guys who cheated and bought back links are finished. Now, link building has to be legitimate and WebiMax has the relationships to deliver.

America’s Tax Office is where it is today because of WebiMax.

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