Dun-Rite Specialized Carriers

Dun-Rite Specialized Carriers

I wanted to take this opportunity to really thank WebiMax for all the hard work it has done for our company, Dun-Rite Specialized Carriers.

From my initial introduction and proposal that was completed by our sales rep and the ongoing project management, the outcome thus far has been incredible. The team have extensive knowledge and expertise which in turn continue to create positive results. This was not such an easy task as our account had many issues due to the fact we were with other SEO companies that were not as SEO savvy as WebiMax.

Our Project Manager stays in complete communication with me on what tasks will be completed for the month and how we can continue on an uphill path. I look forward to the months ahead on creating a strong appearance through a strong SEO campaign.I would recommend WebiMax to anyone who is in search of a great SEO company.

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