ESHA Research

ESHA Research

In short, Leads and Sales are Up, New Customers are Finding us Daily, — that’s why I use WebiMax as a complete solution for my inbound internet marketing!

Searching for the right Partner to bring our inbound internet marketing goals to life was not an easy task. After interviewing local consultants, employee candidates, and internet marketing companies, we landed on WebiMax. We felt their culture was similar to ours, committed to customers and delivering the best products and services. In addition, the value to cost and full services was to compelling to resist, the numbers and benefits outweighed other options.

We rely on WebiMax for all internet marketing services, as a food and nutrition software company, we went with the full kitchen, outsourcing all aspects of internet marketing, including re-designing our website that’s in progress. Our WebiMax project manager team lead (I’ll keep his name private to prevent pillaging) has become an extension of our team, bringing a skill set and team that we rely on.

In short time, we were delighted that we had selected WebiMax. Our goals were soon turned into a working strategy that started delivering results across the board. We went from 0 to 100 mph in short time, there’s just no way could we have accelerated our internet presence in this amount of time using internal resources or local consultants.
I would highly recommend WebiMax to my business colleagues and other businesses interested in improving their overall business performance.

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