Have You Seen The Ring?

Have You Seen The Ring?

I am the founder of a Web-based jewelry resale website called Have You Seen the Ring and WebiMax have been my SEO consultants since September 2011.The success of Have You Seen the Ring is heavily dependent on two things:

  • Strong Reputation
  • Visibility in Google Search

WebiMax has played a leading role in both of these things.

The PPC Management Team at WebiMax has been extremely helpful in guiding us, helping us set-up and monitoring the performance of our campaigns so that we can maximize our budget.

When you search on all of the relevant keywords in Google, you will find Have You Seen the Ring consistently in the top 3, sometimes even higher. WebiMax provides the tools for continued success. In a competitive environment, simply employing the best SEO company may not be enough. If you want to be number one, you might have to do some simple things yourself. WebiMax will give you advice and direction on what you can also do to help you reach that desired number one spot. If they give you advice, take it.

Before signing up with WebiMax, I spoke with over 20 reputable SEO companies. WebiMax stood out from the crowd because of their experience, professionalism, competitive pricing and leading edge strategy.

During the past year, I have continued to be blown away by the unparalleled support that I have received from WebiMax. You will be, too. My project manager, Tom D’Aurizio, is the main reason why I am consistently so impressed with WebiMax. He always goes above and beyond, he defines professionalism and he always gets things done. What more can you ask for?

Whether speaking with Tom’s assistant Jackie, our Business Development Manager, Ed Cilurso or with the SEO developers Jennifer and Rob, I always feel confident that I am talking to the right people and that they want to help.

In short, if you are looking for the best SEO company and you want competitive prices, you can get it. Pick WebiMax, it’s that simple.

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