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App MarketingSo you have created an APP and now you want the world to know about and download it but you can’t rely on the old theory of “Build it and they will come”, you need a strong strategy to help raise visibility of your app…..that is where WebiMax can help.

WebiMax has a track record of success helping companies launch and promote apps with great success. The core to our process revolves around the understanding your app, its target audience and market competition and taking that insight to create a detailed customized app marketing strategy.

Aspects of our strategies include our ability to get good rankings on within the App Store by enhancing your listing with our ASO (App Store Optimization) services while providing further marketing support through social media, media placement and digital PR.

App Store Optimization/ASO

ASOAs the digital landscape has evolved, the quest for high natural rankings on Google continues to be a key driver goal of all businesses. At the same time, the meteoric rise of apps has created the urgency for app marketers to gain organic visibility in all app related marketplaces.

While this process is in many way very similar to SEO, App Store Optimization (or ASO) focuses on more measureable metrics that increase the overall organic rank of the app itself. Research suggests that nearly 70% of all apps are downloaded based on their prominence and visibility within the App Store marketplace.

Our customize approach will review keywords associated with your listing, manage reviews, create video and analyze localized data. This comprehensive approach will ensure that your app is fully optimized for the best positioning within all app marketplaces.

Let us help you to be successful in marketing your app. Please contact us or calling 888-932-4629

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