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If your company is looking to get the greatest return from your Pay Per Click advertising campaign, WebiMax’s PPC Management services will deliver. Our team of certified PPC Specialists can optimize your campaigns with the latest tools and best practices to help ensure success. There is no denying the value of PPC marketing, but it can be a true money pit for unsophisticated users who don’t have a PPC expert analyzing and maintaining the campaign. The WebiMax PPC management team of experts can also fully integrate our Call Tracking Services in to your campaign. WebiMax is committed to maximizing your return on investment.

PPC management companiesWe have heard countless stories of people who burned through thousands of dollars trying to get a handle on their Pay Per Click marketing efforts. We take great pride in maximizing the success and profitability of the paid search accounts of all the clients we work with. Selecting the right PPC company can be a long process, but this one step can cost you thousands in excess expenditures or grow your business beyond expectations.

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What we have learned through the process and 10+ years of taking our lumps is that there are several core approaches that can help you to achieve a high quality score, lower your conversion costs and increase the profitability that your campaigns can offer.

Our Core PPC Management Company Strategies

  • The creation of a targeted, well budgeted campaign that features the most efficient converting keywords
  • Developing High Quality Scores through Ad Group optimization, ad creation and landing page analysis
  • Targeted, Specific and Enticing Ad Copy with targeted calls to action
  • Tracking of Conversions and Constant Adjustment of bids and terms (manual and automated)
  • Daily quality control of campaign to monitor delivery of ads
  • Detailed analysis. The more the merrier. The more we analyze, the better you do.

Our process has evolved and is by far one of the most sophisticated programs in the industry. We have experience growing campaigns to increase businesses and scaling accounts to save on overall account spending. We service accounts from as little as $2,500 a month to over $200,000 a month in online marketing. While no one can guarantee they can remove click fraud from your account, we do mitigate any potential losses by managing your campaign in a very hands-on manner. Our sophisticated PPC Management program will provide your company with an increase in conversion rates and will ultimately offer significant improvements on your overall return on ad spend.

Experience the difference WebiMax can make for you and your online marketing. We succeed where other PPC agencies fail.

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