Link Building Services

WebiMax builds relationships, not just links.

Link building campaigns are highly individualistic, and engineered to respectively address a client’s vertical and peers. But it’s not about getting a large number of links; it’s about getting links from authoritative sites that make sense in the client’s unique space.

At WebiMax, we implement a number of ethical and effective link building strategies to garner more online exposure for our clients. We understand that clients want to take their business to the next level. By fostering relationships with clients and collaborating with other departments, we strive to help businesses succeed. Whether it’s working with the design department to create a killer infographic or with the Content Development Department to market a perfect blog post, we aim to bring the client to a higher tier.

Each link building campaign is customized toward the specific client and our goal is to provide a variety of links using a range of link building methods. Our most common methods include the following:

  • Competitive Backlink Analysis – We carefully analyze our client’s backlink profile, as well as that of their competitors. This allows for a cross comparison of all link profiles and exposes opportunities that have not yet been realized. We develop a fully customizable action plan to acquire these missing assets.
  • Real-Time Linking – Commenting on relevant blogs, wikis, forums and social media platforms can create very viable, high value links. The real time linking process has also proven to be quite instrumental in creating a source for relevant site traffic to follow posts back to your website.
  • Guest Blogging – By manually researching the client’s vertical, we find highly authoritative blogs and provide exceptional content that is published to provide quality links.
  • Customizable Outreach – Utilizing existing linkable assets, we specifically target websites that could best benefit from sharing your content with their community.

WebiMax prides itself on the following:

  • All of our link building is performed in-house.
  • We do not work with “paid” links, link “rentals” or “link farms.” Our process is very natural and manpower driven. We don’t take shortcuts.
  • We report actual links developed, not submitted. There is a big difference.

We would love to discuss developing and initiating ongoing link building campaigns with you. For a complete analysis and to find out what we can do you for, contact us today at or 888-932-4629.

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