Link Reclamation

Does your website have a ton of inbound links, but still seem to get buried in search engines? Perhaps some of those links aren’t so great after all. Not all links are good ones; some have much more value than others. Also, not all links retain their value over extended periods of time; they can break or lose their “juice.” When this happens, links can actually become damaging to your website and your search engine rankings. Luckily, this can easily be fixed through a process known as link reclamation.

Over time, as your website begins to build up an extensive link profile, older links may be changed or completely removed. The link may redirect you to a completely different website than it intended to, or none at all. “301 redirected” or “404 error” pages are common sights to see after a webpage has been changed or deleted for an extended period of time. Fortunately, WebiMax’s highly trained team of link builders know how to navigate websites to find these errors, correct them, and help your site to achieve higher search engine rankings.

WebiMax works diligently to remove less useful links from your site and to restore broken links to working condition. This will help your website to run more smoothly, build up credibility and trust, and above all else, score more points with Google, resulting in an improved search engine ranking score

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