Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest Marketing Services

p1Using rich images to captivate your business’ audience is an effective way to visually present your offerings and establish your brand online.

Pinterest has become one of the most prominent social media networks to emerge in the last decade, as it receives millions of new users every day. Today, the network is the world’s third most popular social media site. As an image-based site, Pinterest encourages users to “pin” original graphics and other types of visual content to boards. These “pins” can then be shared or “re-pinned” by other users.

Additionally, Pinterest’s social signals are known to provide SEO value and an active, engaging Pinterest board can supplement your search engine optimization efforts. The network also integrates with Facebook and Twitter to create a comprehensive social experience for your consumers.

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest’s user experience maintains a strong focus on imagery and works most effectively for businesses that sell products directly to customers. By providing a visual platform to display your products, Pinterest offers a unique and engaging way for users to view and share the things that interest them.

To further optimize your site and allow for greater Pinterest integration, “Pin It” buttons can be utilized. These provide users the opportunity to easily share content from your website, blog or other relevant pages.

Measuring Success

p2Recently, Pinterest unveiled a new analytics feature that can track the growth of your audience as well as the reach and impressions of your pins.

WebiMax utilizes insights gained through Analytics as well as other in-house resources to create an optimal Pinterest marketing campaign for your business.

Our Social Media team works with your business to develop original and effective content to maximize visibility and increase social media referral traffic to your website. We also work to find relevant users and businesses on Pinterest to connect and share your products with.

By applying our knowledge of Social media marketing to the data and insights discovered through Pinterest and Google Analytics, we are able to enhance the presence of your brand and maximize your ROI.

How Pinterest Helps YOUR Business

If your business specializes in home décor, arts and crafts, fashion, food, travel or another related industry, Pinterest marketing is a must. Many E-Commerce websites use Pinterest to gain direct sales through social referrals. In fact, recent research has shown that Pinterest drives more social referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

In addition, a 2012 Bizrate report states that 69% of users have purchased an item they found on Pinterest, making the network a proven sales channel.

Other types of businesses can use Pinterest as a resource to gain visibility socially and in search engine results to enhance overall brand awareness.

As a marketing platform, Pinterest works to increase sales, drive additional traffic and help build a larger following for your brand on the Web.

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