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With every WebiMax campaign, we understand the importance of monitoring the effects of our work. Throughout each month our experts continuously survey methods to improve and stay “one step ahead” of the evolving landscape of social media. At WebiMax, we have developed a very successful 5 step approach in order to monitor our client’s social media campaigns and optimize them for maximum efficiency.

The WebiMax 5 Step Approach:

  1. Objectives – First, we prioritize our clients’ objectives. What do our clients want to accomplish through social monitoring? What do they want to monitor specifically – product reactions, customer service queries, or general discussions? Do they want to be able to identify potential buyers?
  2. Plan – Now that we understand what we are looking to achieve, we develop a way to get there! With our clients, we set up a list of initiatives and then react to the demands of their audience.
  3. Response techniques – Listening, interacting, and conversing with the clients buyers, we develop a reaction technique that covers all possible response scenarios, including a Crisis Management plan. We anticipate common and uncommon posts and tweets that buyers, critics, and others in the industry may say about the products and services on social media pages. We provide insights on how to respond to posts – whether they are positive or negative.
  4. Build Relationships – Social media is a conversation and relationship building experience. We assist our clients in building brand recognition, loyalty and credibility on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We understand the importance of effectively communicating with current and potential prospects to build long lasting business relationships.
  5. Evaluate – We continuously evaluate our results versus our objectives. Since social media is constantly changing, we place heavy emphasis on evaluation. Our dedicated team of experts is always surveying the landscape and finding innovative ways to improve our methods. Once we evaluate our results, we go back to step 1, and repeat.

The WebiMax 5 Step Approach:

Social Media 5-Step Approach

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