The Danger of SEO Scams

Choosing an SEO company that you can trust is the first step in building a successful, long-term Search Engine Optimization campaign.  Today, the foundation of every effective SEO campaign is quality.  While the WebiMax philosophy puts quality first, some firms prefer to “cut corners” by utilizing unethical tactics to enhance rankings.

These “Black Hat” SEO strategies are penalized by Google, Bing and other search engines and can even result in your site’s de-indexation – or removal from search results.  Besides search penalties, Black Hat SEO can often damage your brand’s reputation online.

Protecting Your Rankings & Reputation

When selecting an SEO firm, three integral questions should be considered:

“Is transparency a core value of the agency?”

– “Has the agency utilized unethical tactics for their clients in the past?”

– “Does the agency provide full, accurate reporting of tasks performed throughout the campaign?”

Disclosure and transparency are the cornerstones of many reputable online marketing companies and should be highly valued by clients.  Resources such as our proprietary Client Center and Website Analyzer were specifically developed to provide crucial information to every business we work with.

Additionally, we use popular industry tools from companies such as Google and SEOMoz to deliver accurate and up-to-date reporting on links, rankings and more.  SEO companies which fail to provide this level of transparency often lack the integrity to be considered a legitimate “White Hat” SEO firm.

Ensuring a consistently successful campaign and online brand reputation begins with trust and transparency, so be sure that your firm understands and adheres to these ideals.

Avoiding Scams
WebiMax utilizes proven online marketing techniques to build our entirely ethical and effective strategies.  We offer detailed information on every task that we perform to optimize your brand throughout the Web.   Additionally, we adhere to known “best practices” to create each unique campaign we maintain from the ground up.

Find out what a firm’s customers are saying about their brand and request Case Studies to better understand the kind of results that agency can deliver.

These “real-life results” can help you discover more about your SEO company in order to avoid potentially harmful scams and “Black Hat” SEO.

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