Sixers Twitter Trouble Brings NBC10 Philadelphia to WebiMax

Sixers Twitter Trouble Brings NBC10 Philadelphia to WebiMax

Camden, NJ (NBC) After a story broke on that alleged Sixer’s GM, Brian Colangelo, was utilizing burner (anonymous accounts on Twitter) to interact with fans and leak team information, WebiMax was contacted to provide their thoughts.

As a leader in social media marketing and crisis management, WebiMax’s owner and CEO, Ken Wisnefski, explains that this story shows how social media is not for the faint of heart.

“Social media puts people in a spot where people feel like they need to defend themselves or respond to people. While I’m certain no one likes to be name called or have anyone be critical of them – but when you have achieved the heights of Colangelo, some of these things should be able to roll off your back.”

The Colangelo story serves as a strong reminder for those who find themselves in a crisis to take the time to map out a quick and decisive apology and PR tour.

Wisnefski continued, “Whether he resigns or he’s relieved of his duties, he wouldn’t be able to stay in that spot. If the allegations are true, he needs to take swift action.”

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