WebiMax on Financial News Site The Street on Hub Spot’s Positives

WebiMax on Financial News Site The Street on Hub Spot’s Positives

The Street 2WebiMax CEO Ken Wisnefski penned an article for financial news site The Street on the Digital Marketing platform The Street. Here is an excerpt:

HubSpot’s new update is a basic CRM tool that fits nicely with its marketing automation product. For existing customers, it makes HubSpot more useful by allowing them to store sales contacts directly in the product rather than in other platforms, like (CRMGet Report) , with which HubSpot integrates. Now, HubSpot will be both an integration for the CRM leader as well as more of a competitor. For those who aren’t already using HubSpot, the update is a free, basic CRM tool that they can use instead of products like Salesforce, which are powerful but expensive (and many organizations don’t need the most advanced features). HubSpot can use this new free customer base to sell its advanced marketing automation offerings. The CRM product is free and has been rolling out over the past few months.

HubSpot has become a popular choice for enterprise-level sales teams. The HubSpot CRM has becoming a particularly important tool in marketing automation. HubSpot has over 15,000 clients in more than 90 countries. It has three marketing products costing $200, $800 and $2400 per month.


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