Google’s Algorithm Changes, Feared by Some, Welcomed by Others

Google’s Algorithm Changes, Feared by Some, Welcomed by Others

Online Marketer WebiMax Sees Value in Recent “Farmer Update”

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, March 2, 2011 — WebiMax, an online marketing company specializing in SEO and headed by serial web Entrepreneur Kenneth C. Wisnefski, is at the forefront of the evolving landscape of search engine dynamics. Search engine optimization (SEO) companies now more than ever need to incorporate respectable and ethical techniques as they attempt to increase the online visibility of their clients. In the past 2 months, industry titan Google has made significant changes to their algorithms, reaffirming their commitment to awarding favorable page rank only to websites that earn it with “original, quality content”. This has affected many webmasters and SEO companies that often use “black hat SEO” tactics (such as Content and Link Farms) to achieve higher page rank. As this evolution disrupts some business models, there are some companies that welcome the changes.

Wisnefski, Founder and CEO of WebiMax, states that “At WebiMax, we embrace these changes and view them not as ‘changes’, but ‘enhancements’ to the SEO industry. Our clients will see improved results from this because of the proper strategies we employ. The SEO industry has unfortunately been an industry that has gotten somewhat of a bad name because of unscrupulous firms that utilize questionable techniques to help improve the online visibility of their clients. We adhere to a Code of Ethics that gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that they will never end up in the news as some companies are starting to.”

JC Penney’s,, and Forbes Magazine are recent examples of companies that have broken the news for using black-hat tactics and have been penalized and ultimately are what has led to the recent “Farmer Update” on Google. These significant changes by Google mark a pivotal role in the evolution of search engine results and demand those firms who want to be major industry players to adhere to “white-hat” SEO. The landscape of search engine results is evolving and essentially returning to how SEO was in the early 2000s when the industry was not as prevalent.

Noticing and responding to this trend is going to be a major factor for SEO companies, their clients, and webmasters.

Wisnefski adds, “Given this continued evolution in search engine parameters, I anticipate that only the truly good firms will survive, which is a good thing. I have spoken with so many countless clients whose natural results were damaged by companies using less than reputable tactics and I think it’s good that this sort of news has helped bring light to this very concerning problem.”

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