Quinn Flags Partners with WebiMax to Enhance Online Marketing

Quinn Flags Partners with WebiMax to Enhance Online Marketing

Quinn Flags recently sought the help of regarding search engine optimization and overall online marketing help. Quinn Flags, supplier of American flags, custom banners, and related products, plans to implement online content, engage in online advertising, and participate within social sites to improve marketing success.

Hanover, PA (PRWEB) March 13, 2010 -– Quinn Flags, a supplier of custom banners, flags, and related products, recently teamed with to improve the former’s online marketing strategy, and online rankings through search engine optimization tactics. Quinn Flags plans to engage in social site marketing, compose industry- related content, maintain an online marketing campaign, as well as implement other, marketing moves.

Quinn Flags wanted to make a big online marketing push. “We work in a competitive industry, offering American flags, custom banners, digital banners, and related products,” relates Matthew Quinn. “We understand the importance of addressing online business opportunities. The company agreed we could benefit from the assistance of experienced, outside help. It is good to gain another perspective regarding our online tactics as well as overall marketing implementations.”

Quinn Flags is getting help with social site marketing and content composition. “We wanted to start engaging in social platforms more to explore customer opportunities,” shares Quinn. “Also, we want to start offering more information about our products, services, and industry through online content creation.” The content will take the form of blog posts and Web-available articles.

WebiMax ( also plans to aid Quinn Flags with a pay-per-click advertising campaign. “The PPC process can be very meticulous and time-consuming,” relates Ken Wisnefski of Webimax. “I remember conducting my own pay-per-click account in my early business years; it can be frustrating. We’re going to monitor Quinn’s online advertising campaign, so their executives can focus on core business matters.”

Quinn Flags ( is one of the largest on-line distributors of flags, flagpoles, and related accessories in the world. We passionately run our business and assist customers with integrity, offering quality products with complete professionalism. We are proud to be serving many groups such as clubs, organizations, schools, government, military, municipalities, small business, veteran organizations, online customers and more.

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