Authorized SEO Affiliate

No one likes to leave potential revenue on the table, but you may not be able to provide all your clients Internet marketing needs. Referring WebiMax as a partner can help you capitalize on these opportunities.


WebiMax offers varying SEO Affiliate opportunities to allow you to increase your monthly revenue by simply referring your clients/prospects to us, while providing them with the same level of exceptional service we provide to our direct customers. We have the technology to track your leads so no matter if they submit an online form today or 25 days from now, we can still associate this lead back to you.

WebiMax’s SEO Affiliate Referral Programs are flexible enough to guarantee that you will no longer leave money on the table when it pertains to your clients needing SEO Internet Marketing services.

Types of SEO Affiliates

A standard Referral Affiliate could be either a company or an individual who will purely refer a prospect to WebiMax. This could occur in several scenarios:

Traditional SEO Referral Affiliates

  • Refer prospects direct to WebiMax to earn commissions

Network SEO Affiliates

  • Complete an online form on your site that will populate WebiMax’s CRM and handled by our professional sales process.
  • WebiMax logo or banner on Referral Affiliates site.

All SEO Referral Affiliates Receive:

  • Aggressive Commission Structures
  • Access to Partner Center
  • Full transparency of Leads through Billing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to lead generating tools