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Client Access


WebiMax Client Center

This portal is where you can login to see the details of your account with WebiMax. Update your contact information, billing information and other  aspects of your campaign right through our secure online portal.


Client Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting dashboard gets you access to see live results for your digital marketing campaigns. SEO & PPC campaigns deal heavily with traffic, keywords and other analytical information. You can see your live stats through our custom reporting dashboard.


Review Collection Dashboard

Our review campaigns allow you to see everything that is going on. All the new reviews you are getting whether they are negative or positive, access to the invite portal where you can request on your own customers to leave their reviews and the progress of our review acquisition campaign.


Local Listings Management Dashboard

Our local listings campaign allows you to see all progress that is being made over time. Which listings are in progress, completed, submitted and more. Get insights to your Google Business results such as views, clicks, phone calls, driving directions requests and much more. 


Social Monitoring Dashboard

Utilize our social monitoring platform to see what kind of sentiment is said about you on the web. We scan the web for both negative and positive sentiment across a number of outlets and it is important for you to know what is being said about you or your business.