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Results-Driven Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Our PPC experts are certified and experienced in everything from Google Ads to Programmatic Display to Facebook Ads. Our finely tuned process utilizes tightly themed campaigns, landing pages optimized for conversions, and smart reporting that makes it easy to discover the ads with the best return-on-investment.

☆ Identify keywords & negative keywords
☆ Reporting that reveals the best campaigns
☆ Smart A/B testing
☆ Conversion rate optimization

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Competitive Keyword Research

We'll find out what you're competitors are bidding on to better understand where you need to be. We'll find the best long-tale-keywords, so your ads show for those hyper-specific searches you want, and we'll find the right negative keywords to keep you from showing in the searches you don't want.


The Right Ad Channels

We'll analyze your potential customers to see on which channels your ads would best be served including, Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin and more!


Better Ad Copy

We'll analyze your ad copy to vastly improve your ad's quality score, so your ads get shown more often. We'll also look at your click-through-rate and optimize your ad copy by a/b testing different ads to boost your conversion rate.


Remarketing, Ecommerce and Geo Targeting

There are number of Google ad offerings that can drive better ROI including Remarketing, where we target people who have already visited your site, or Ecommerce ads that focus on individual products, or Geo Targeted ads that focus more locally. WebiMax is well-versed in all of the above.


Bid Management

As Google Partners, we're experts at Bid Management, including automated strategies such as "Target CPA" and "Maximize Conversions" .


A Human Connection

WebiMax offers you a project manager who will give you comprehensive reporting on your campaigns, at an agreed upon set time.

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Analyze Existing Accounts

We will analyze your existing ppc accounts to reveal areas of opportunity and better efficiency.


Targeting Opportunities

Whether you are already advertising with pay-per-click or not, with our experience we will be able to show you the best keyword terms for businesses like yours.


Funnel Check

Clicks are important, but it’s what happens after that click that drives sales. Are you focused on conversions, or are you only going after empty clicks? We’ll be able to quickly identify problems that may be holding back your PPC campaign.


Channel Opportunities

Do you know all of the search channels that people use? Are you on all of them? Do you understand all of the different ad formats? We’ll help you make better use of your ad spend. Our experts will reveal the best search channels and formats for your specific business.


Competitor Check

Finding out what your competitors are doing with PPC advertising can reveal many missed opportunities. We’ll help you to take a look under the hood of your competitors campaigns so you can see opportunities they may have missed, and better ways to compete.


Meet the Project Manager

We’ll give you a no-obligation price quote to manage your search engine marketing, and we will introduce you to the person who would be your point of contact for the duration of your campaign. We work on a per month basis, so if you decide not to work with us at any point, it is a simple process to discontinue service.

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Pay Per Click Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization?

It can take years to build up the domain authority to get to the top spot of search results, but with WebiMax’s PPC program, you have the opportunity to be seen above organic search results in just a few days.  - Ken Wisnefski Founder / CEO

“In-depth project involving a start up real estate search site with a new approach. The advice and direction that was provided exceeded our expectations and positioned us for success. The content inclusion recommendations and technical overview was thorough and helped us build out new sections that truly made a huge difference in the overall product and UX.”

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Jan T.
July 2018

“WebiMax has enhanced Broadley's online presence tremendously to ensure that our brand is visible to the consumers who need us most. WebiMax has taken over the management of Broadley's SEO, PPC, website maintenance and most importantly lead generation. Since starting with Webimax, we have seen a 25% rise in new customers and an overall rise of 15% in billings.”


Christina T.
July 2019

“They have build a couple of new websites and still do the maintenance and keep up of it too. Any technical questions I've had they're always very much helpful in answering them. I love their fast response rate and they know what they're doing when it come to websites. They'll get the job done!”


James Arthur R.
May 2019

“I work in the Interior Design field and needed help on a site to get to the correct target audience. They were great in their approach, and really understanding my needs. The development team and their project managers handled every situation perfectly, and it was such a seamless transition.”
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John W.
March 2019

“We hired Webimax to help maximize our Facebook page. They continue to go above and beyond each month to give us exactly what we need to draw attention to out site.”

Kelly F.
May 2019