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Get More Reviews for Your Business!

Unlike platforms that are completely do-it-yourself, WebiMax provides you with the platform and a digital marketing expert that will run make sure you get more 5-star reviews! 

☆ Get more reviews than your competitors
☆ Confirm all online profiles are accurate
☆ Respond to every review in the smartest way
☆ Promote positive reviews
☆ Suppress negative reviews

Start getting more reviews!


Stop Bad Reviews

Before that unhappy customer bad-mouths your business, we'll use their star rating to direct them to leave feedback to you directly, giving your team the opportunity to make it right!


Manage Reviews on a Dashboard

See all of your reviews, the good and the bad from every review site, all in one place. Take action and respond to those reviews from the dashboard. Your responses will even appear on the originating review sites, making management a snap!


Get More Reviews

Automatically request reviews via email and text message. WebiMax can even generate a QR code that you can put on print media that will take people directly to a review landing page. With WebiMax, you can proactively drive good reviews to the sites that matter most to you, while funneling potential unhappy customers to interact with you directly.


Notify Your Whole Team 

Whether you have a small local outfit that needs to respond immediately to every negative review or a multi-location chain with a vast corporate structure, you can notify as many people in your organization as you want.


Show Off Your Good Reviews

Use easy cut and paste widgets to automatically zap your best reviews directly onto your website and social media channels. We'll even provide schema markup so you can graphically show off your review score directly in search results. 


Mobile and Ready to Go

Your customers will be able to receive and easily interact with your review requests on any device, and it will look sleek and professional, guaranteed!

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Discover Your Reviews

See all of your reviews quickly. You’ll get an immediate sense of the overall sentiment of your customers. You’ll also see where most of your reviews, both good and bad are coming from.


Analyze the Data

Once you see the data, it will be easy to see how increasing your positive reviews on certain sites will boost your reputation and your business. Our experts will show you exactly where you're doing well, and where you’re falling short.


Begin Forming a Strategy

We’ll show you ways to drive positive review traffic to the sites that matter most to your business. With our strategy, you will get a realistic picture of when you will begin seeing results, and what those results will look like.



We go beyond just getting reviews on key sites, we’ll show you how we can shift your strategy once your initial goals are met to keep that momentum going, so you can grow your business. 


No Obligation

The report is free, the analysis and strategy are too. If after consulting with us, you decide not to utilize our review acquisition services, then you can simply walk away. We understand that you have to do what's best for your business. 



Get a price quote to have WebiMax increase your positive reviews! All our clients are on a per month basis, so if you decide not to work with us, it's a very simple process to discontinue services. 

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Why Optimize Your Online Reviews?

"If you aren’t paying attention to what is being said about you online, you can be certain that others are paying close attention to what is being said. Your online reputation is the most vital aspect in growing your business effectively." - Ken Wisnefski Founder/CEO

“In-depth project involving a start up real estate search site with a new approach. The advice and direction that was provided exceeded our expectations and positioned us for success. The content inclusion recommendations and technical overview was thorough and helped us build out new sections that truly made a huge difference in the overall product and UX.”

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Jan T.
July 2018

“WebiMax has enhanced Broadley's online presence tremendously to ensure that our brand is visible to the consumers who need us most. WebiMax has taken over the management of Broadley's SEO, PPC, website maintenance and most importantly lead generation. Since starting with Webimax, we have seen a 25% rise in new customers and an overall rise of 15% in billings.”


Christina T.
July 2019

“They have build a couple of new websites and still do the maintenance and keep up of it too. Any technical questions I've had they're always very much helpful in answering them. I love their fast response rate and they know what they're doing when it come to websites. They'll get the job done!”


James Arthur R.
May 2019

“I work in the Interior Design field and needed help on a site to get to the correct target audience. They were great in their approach, and really understanding my needs. The development team and their project managers handled every situation perfectly, and it was such a seamless transition.”
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John W.
March 2019

“We hired Webimax to help maximize our Facebook page. They continue to go above and beyond each month to give us exactly what we need to draw attention to out site.”

Kelly F.
May 2019