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Local Digital Marketing Services that Drive Sales

For many businesses, a robust local marketing strategy is crucial for success. We know how to get your business ranked #1 in Google's local search box. Request a free health report to see how your local marketing stacks up, and you'll see how WebiMax can give your brand a boost. 

☆ Improve local branding & visibility
☆ Positively engage with the local community
☆ Increase customer loyalty
☆ Get more sales

Get a free local marketing report


Local SEO

Whether on a state, city, town or neighborhood level, people are searching on their devices for local businesses to see their offerings, hours of operation and proximity to their home. Our local SEO works to greatly increase your visibility for these types of searches and give you a leg up on the competition. 


Business Directory Listings

WebiMax uses local business listings to help you rank better on Google, but also there are many other platforms people search when looking for a business. WebiMax will place your business on all the necessary directories. The more directories where your business is featured, the better chance you have of being found when customers locally search for your services.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram both offer advertising objectives that can specifically target your local audience, WebiMax is an expert at locally targeting your potential customers with coupons, contests and other marketing that will turn them into loyal return customers.


Google Business Optimization

Google's "local pack" is where Google delivers localized results to their searches. WebiMax is an expert in optimizing a business' local pack listing with all the necessary information that Google needs to better serve their searchers. These results can take up the entire screen of a mobile device, so its important for businesses to be listed here.


Google Ads

Google Search ads that only serve when a person in a specific location searches region-specific keywords can have an extremely high ROI. WebiMax uses this tactic to make sure that we are only targeting potential customers who are very interested in your particular service or product. 


Mobile Marketing

More than 95% of mobile phone owners state that they use their phones for local searches, but if you're site isn't "mobile friendly" it simply will not show up in these searches. WebiMax can make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. And if you have multiple business locations, then we can even create individual mobile-friendly landing pages to better target those location-specific searches.

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Get Your Grades

Once you enter your URL, we'll start crunching the numbers to give you an actionable report card that includes a letter grade for: your local SEO, usability, performance, social media and security.


Let's Talk About Your Competition

By telling us who your competitors are, we'll be able to run a check on what they are doing that maybe you aren't. 


Check Your Directories

Being on the most important directories with up-to-date accurate and optimized business info is really important to your local marketing. We'll take a look at which business directories you're currently on as well as the ones that you probably should be on. 


Get Our Recommendations

Once we understand where you're at, we'll give you the rundown on what we think you should do to begin to improve your local marketing. 


Get a No Obligation Quote

The report is free, the analysis and strategy are too. If you decide not to utilize our local marketing services, then you can simply walk away. We understand that you have to do what's best for your business. 

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Why Local Marketing

"When you have the kind of business that depends on local customers, you need a local marketing plan to be on your potential customer's radar. If you don't stay on top of your local marketing, your competition will." - Ken Wisnefski - Founder/ CEO

“In-depth project involving a start up real estate search site with a new approach. The advice and direction that was provided exceeded our expectations and positioned us for success. The content inclusion recommendations and technical overview was thorough and helped us build out new sections that truly made a huge difference in the overall product and UX.”

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Jan T.
July 2018

“WebiMax has enhanced Broadley's online presence tremendously to ensure that our brand is visible to the consumers who need us most. WebiMax has taken over the management of Broadley's SEO, PPC, website maintenance and most importantly lead generation. Since starting with Webimax, we have seen a 25% rise in new customers and an overall rise of 15% in billings.”


Christina T.
July 2019

“They have build a couple of new websites and still do the maintenance and keep up of it too. Any technical questions I've had they're always very much helpful in answering them. I love their fast response rate and they know what they're doing when it come to websites. They'll get the job done!”


James Arthur R.
May 2019

“I work in the Interior Design field and needed help on a site to get to the correct target audience. They were great in their approach, and really understanding my needs. The development team and their project managers handled every situation perfectly, and it was such a seamless transition.”
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John W.
March 2019

“We hired Webimax to help maximize our Facebook page. They continue to go above and beyond each month to give us exactly what we need to draw attention to out site.”

Kelly F.
May 2019