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WebiMax Careers

WebiMax does not have any open positions at this time

Recruitment Fraud Notice

We have recently been made aware of a recruitment scam involving bogus job opportunities at WebiMax. The fraudulent activity is primarily initiated through LinkedIn. Scammers are creating fake profiles and posing as either HR representatives of WebiMax or representatives from an outside recruitment firm. In both situations, candidates are recruited and hired for administrative positions that do not exist at WebiMax. These postings and profiles are an attempt to use the WebiMax brand to fool and defraud job seekers by gaining confidential information or requesting funds for equipment or services. These people are in no way shape or form a part of WebiMax.

Unfortunately, these types of employment scams are on the rise. To protect yourself and ensure you are dealing with a true representative from WebiMax, please consider these red flags…

Recruitment Firms

WebiMax does not currently partner with any outside recruitment firms. If you are contacted by a recruiter from outside the organization, please notify us immediately via the following email: jkeough@webimax.com. Do not provide any personal or confidential information to the fraudulent recruiter.  


WebiMax rarely posts open positions or contacts individuals via LinkedIn. If you are contacted via LinkedIn, it would be from Julie Keough, Director of HR. If you are contacted by any other profile, claiming to be an employee of WebiMax, please notify us immediately via the following email: jkeough@webimax.com

Requests for upfront payment

WebiMax will never ask for money from a job seeker during a job search. Any person claiming to be from WebiMax that requests payment for things like background searches or equipment costs is illegitimate and should be reported to jkeough@webimax.com.

Utilizing non-business email addresses

Email responses from non-business addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) should be an immediate red flag. Additionally, scammers will create a similar but altered version of official email addresses (example: john.doe@webimaxrecruitment.com) to fool unsuspecting job seekers, so double-check the email address for legitimacy. We will email you only through a @webimax.com email.

Not Sure if an Opportunity is Legitimate? Contact WebiMax directly to confirm, BEFORE sharing any personal or confidential information.