Our Team’s Focus Areas

Our teams are structured in such a way that produce enhanced collaboration and information sharing and enable us to manage the scale of efforts to deliver for our clients. This core philosophy is the main reason why WebiMax proudly boasts a 99% client retention rate.


Representing the largest team at WebiMax is our Search Engine Optimization group, comprising of SEO Strategists, Project Managers, Assistant Project Mangers, SEO Developers, Content Developers, Inbound Marketers and Link Builders. The SEO team is structured to be efficient to support a high volume of clients and provides a system of checks and balances to ensure all aspects of a client’s digital marketing campaign are covered. In addition, these individuals are evaluated and tested to ensure they are up to date on the changing aspects of SEO and evolving best practices. Also included in our SEO division are industry experts that are solely in charge of discovering and closely monitoring important changes made to major search engine algorithms. Since the dynamics of the industry continue to evolve, WebiMax places a heavy emphasis on staying one step ahead of the curve. There is a heavy amount of training and development in place in our SEO division including monthly training, engagement exercises and more. If you are a seasoned online marketing and SEO executive consider contacting us to view our career opportunities.


Our Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click Advertising professionals assist clients in developing targeted and effective paid search advertising content that adheres to virtually any budget. Companies looking to expedite the comparatively long lead times of SEO campaigns have turned to our PPC experts in order to rapidly increase visibility and profitability online. Managed by PPC expert, Matthew Hillesland, our team of Google AdWords certified Paid Search professionals help their clients achieve higher click-through rates per impression and improve their ROI. Combined, our PPC team has over ten years of experience in Paid Search advertising and has created and managed campaigns for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.


Our Social Media team is responsible for designing, implementing and actively managing our client’s social media presence. These professionals strive to become an extension of our clients teams so that they can properly echo the messaging of the brand. This department continues to evolve and has proven to be successful for organizations and businesses of all sizes and objectives. With the multitude of social media platforms in the market, our team evaluates and determines the most appropriate and successful platforms and subsequent audiences to target.


The Website Design & Development team at WebiMax is dedicated to enhancing and building websites that not only look great, but are fully optimized for search engines and converting site traffic. This specialized team has members focused in roles including design, front end development, backend development, analysts and project managers. Design & Development team has experience working within numerous technology stacks, CMS platforms, E-Commerce systems as well as many custom solutions. This enables the team to efficiently provide custom solutions on proven technologies, as well as continue to evolve with new tools and best practices that help our clients sites to be more effectively optimized for search engines and conversions.


The Brand and Reputation Management team at WebiMax is comprised of marketing experts that are fully engaged in managing and improving the reputation and identify of our clients. This team of professionals is directly engaged with clients to understand aspects of their brands. Public image of your brand has become more critical than ever since the rise of social media has given everyone a voice on the web. Our professionals not only assist clients who are impacted by negative information about their company, but also strive to develop pro-active campaigns the develop a positive persona for our clients brands.



The Public Relations staff at WebiMax is responsible for publicizing and generating visibility for our clients through specific PR initiatives including media engagements, media relations, press release distribution, pitching, speaker engagements and more. Our PR team includes media professionals and strategists that are responsible for determining opportunities for our clients and additionally discovering evolving trends in our client’s respective industries. Our strategy development and information sessions enable the Public Relations team to effectively collaborate and gather to share thoughts, ideas and expert intelligence.

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