PPC Banner Ads Portfolio

How is your target market finding your products and services? Increased exposure to your advertising builds your company’s brand. It’s no secret; every single day, online browsers increase in numbers and time spent online. It’s becoming an online world! How are you participating in online marketing?

Displaying banner ads is one effective way to drive more traffic to your website and company brand. The process is simple and we’re more than happy to provide experienced online marketing advice, facilitating banner ad understanding and success. Choose from a large number of categories, placing your ad in a position to be seen by thousands of web browsers!

Don’t miss the opportunity to advance your company’s exposure and revenue. The potential is there. Millions of consumers visit the Internet each day, and browsing only increases with the growing amount of smart phone usage. Opportunity is knocking, asking for your banner ads. Will you answer the call?

Standard banner ad sizes include:

  • Leader board – 728 x 90 pixel
  • Full Banner – 468 x 90 pixel
  • Half Banner – 234 x 60 pixel
  • Rectangle – 180 x 150 pixel
  • Square Button – 125 x 125 pixel
  • Skyscraper – 120 x 600 pixel

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